Can Chem3D handle inorganic chemistry?

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
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Chem3D 7F32 Chem3D is aimed at organic chemistry. However, you can use Chem3D to build just about anything. So if you only want to visualize, it may be fine. If you want to analyze, then that is a different story. Cambridgesoft's implementation of MM2, does not have good metal support. MOPAC has some metal support, and Gaussian and GAMESS have more metal support. You may be able to use Gaussian or GAMESS (available in version 6 or 2001 only) as a back end for calculations and Chem3D as a front end to visualize results. However, you are advised to check with Gaussian and the makers of GAMESS to find out if it can handle the types of calculations you are interested in. Product Information Chem3D All All en

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