Can't find all of the options on the Draw Toolbar

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
Category: Data Analysis and Visualisation > SmartSketch
Version: 3
Article Ref.: 73D2
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SmartSketch 73D2 Rather than have all available options on the Draw Toolbar, you will only see one from each group of similar options. If a particular option is not on the toolbar, it is not currently the primary selection for that group. You can tell which buttons have additional options by a small triangle in the lower right corner of the button. If you left click and hold down on such a button, after a few seconds you will get a 'flyout' and you can then move the mouse across and select the required option. The groups are as follows. Select Tool Line/Arc Continuous -> Place Doubleline Connector Tangent Arc -> Arc by 3 points -> Arc by Centre Point Curve -> FreeForm -> Freesketch Circle by Centre Point -> Circle by 3 points -> Tangent Circle -> Ellipse by Centre Point -> Ellipse by 3 points Rectangle Text Box Fillet -> Chamfer Trim -> Trim Corner Extend to Next Fill SmartSketch 3 en

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