While using MacOS 9, I cannot save a Chem3D or a Table Editor document in the latest format. I can only save in the older Chem3D 3.2 format or in the stationery format.

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
Category: Laboratory Applications > Chem3D
Platform: Macintosh
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Article Ref.: 7352
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Chem3D 7352 This is a MacOS 9 specific problem. Since Chem3D/Table Editor 5.0 were released well before Mac OS9, it is apparently not fully compatible in this regard. The work around solution is: 1.Save As "Chem3D Stationery". 2.Close the document you just saved. (Click Don't Save when prompted.) 3.Click once on the icon for the file you just saved. 4.Go to the File menu and choose Get Info and then General Information. 5.In the dialogue box that opens turn off the stationery pad flag at the bottom right of the dialogue box (uncheck this option). 6.Close this Info dialogue box. Please note that saving in the Chem3D 3.2 format will set all bond orders to 1.000, which is why this format is not a work around solution. This solution also applies to the Table Editor. Unexpected behaviour Chem3D Macintosh - en Save

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