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WinWedge 6A7E Can WinWedge be used for getting data from a remote site via a modem? Would I need to use TCP/IP wedge for this? Does it make a difference if it is an internal modem? Could you use WinWedge to activate the modem through dial up networking? You could use WinWedge to control a modem, either by associating particular modem command strings with command buttons in the Data Input window, or via the SEND, SENDCODE and SENDOUT DDE commands issued from another application (such as Excel). The data coming in through the modem could be funnelled to any application as usual. TCPWedge is essentially the same product as WinWedge, except that it accepts data from a TCP/IP connection rather than a serial port. Your would not need to use it, unless the modem was connected to a remote machine, in which case you would use TCP/COM to connect the remote machine's serial port with the network and TCPWedge to grab the data from the network. Dial-Up Networking is a service provided directly by Windows. As such, you could use it to control the modem, or you could use WinWedge, but not both at the same time. It does not matter whether the modem is internal or external. WinWedge - en

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