Would like the same calculation used for all control chart calculations

Last Modified: 2nd Apr 2013
Category: Quality Control and Management > Quality Analyst
Version: 5.1
Article Ref.: 6006
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Quality Analyst 6006 I wish to specify the way that Quality Analyst calculates the control limits. If I go to Parameters|Control Chart, Centre Line & Limits tab, select the chart type from the list, sometimes I get the choice between Range (with Individual chart) & Range, sometimes I get the option Range. As the calculation is dependent on which you choose how can I ensure that I get the option Range (with Individual chart)? You will need to check the data type that you have chosen for the variable. As you wish to select an option for Individual charts you will need to specify the data as Individual ie type I and not 1 as this implies subgrouped data. QualityAnalyst 5.1 en

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