How do I activate the RT Module?

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
Category: Quality Control and Management > SPC-PC IV
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SPC-PC IV 58E6 I have SPC-PC IV already installed & would like to activate the RT Module. I have been sent a file (qactiv.bin) but I'm not sure how to proceed. Simply follow these steps to activate the RT Module. 1) Open SPC-PC IV 2) Click on Help from the pull down menus and choose Update License 3) The program is automatically looking for the file you have been sent (qactiv.bin). Change the Look In to where the file is located (i.e.. the Floppy Drive if you have copied the file to a floppy and then select the qactiv.bin file and click Open. 4) You should be all done at this point and the Real Time Gage Module should be active (if you have a file open) from the Data pull down menu. SPCPCIV - en

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