Importing structures/spectra into gNMR

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
Category: Laboratory Applications > gNMR
Version: 4.1
Article Ref.: 54DA
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gNMR 54DA Molecular structures from chemical drawing software can be imported via the clipboard from chemical drawing packages into gNMR for spectral simulation. Alternatively the structure can be imported as a file from the chemical drawing package. You can import structures from: 1. ChemIntosh (V3 (.ci3) & V2-V5 (.scf) files) 2. ChemWindow (V2-V5 (.cw2, .cwg) and SCF (.scf) files) 3. ChemDraw (V2-V4 (.chm & .cdx) files) 4. Isis/Draw Molfiles (V1-V2 (.mol)) and sketch files (V1-V2(.skc)) 5. ACD/Sketch (V2 (.sk2)) You can convert experimental spectra from the following file formats: 1. Bruker Win-NMR/XWinNMR 2. gNMR (Windows & Mac) 3. Bruker Aspects 4. Lybrics 5. JCAMP-DX 6. General Electric GE-Sun 7. Varian VNMR 8. JEOL Alpha,Lambda,EX/GX 9. ASCII spectrum 10. ASCII FID 11. Felix 12. Galactic 13. NUTs 14. Mestre-C Spectrum 15. Mestre-C FID gNMR 4.1 en

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