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Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
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Version: 6
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Grams 32 5232 The Product Name - GRAMS/32 appends AI to its name to emphasize added ActiveApps Interface features that enable it to serve as a container for ActiveX Applications and My InstrumentTM controls. GRAMS/32 AI leverages the power and capabilities of your ActiveX Applications and My Instrument controls and adds them seamlessly to your workbook. Once installed and registered, the control can be embedded in a dedicated GRAMS/32 AI page, utilizing its own menus when available. Normal GRAMS/32 AI operations are accessible from non-My Instrument / ActiveApp pages of the workbook. Some of the new features you will find in GRAMS/32 AI were available in some form in the previous GRAMS/32 versions. However, getting the tasks done at times involved many more steps or required clicking through menus and dialogues to find the desired option. GRAMS/32 AI has simplified getting these tasks done. It places the most frequently-accessed information and parameters at your finger tips. It provides assistants that make workbook construction and page design a simple pick-and-click operation. WYSIWYG printing takes another step forward with the Print Preview feature. In addition, the long list of GRAMS/32 AI Add Object options now includes a Display Legend. Following are some of the new features you will find in GRAMS/32 AI: Menus ActiveApps and My Instrument controls can display their own menus in GRAMS/32 AI. When an ActiveApp or My Instrument control is run in GRAMS/32 AI, a new GRAMS/32 AI page is displayed with the object embedded on the page. If the control includes a menu, the GRAMS/32 AI menu will be hidden, and the control's menu will be shown in its place. In addition, GRAMS/32 AI will automatically suppress the GRAMS Assistant and the toolbar for these pages. Shifting to a non-My Instrument / ActiveApp page reactivates the GRAMS/32 AI toolbar and the GRAMS Assistant to their selected state. Toolbar Buttons Toolbar buttons can now be associated with ActiveApps or My Instrument controls. This feature allows a button to be tied to an action that is related to an installed ActiveApp or My Instrument control. Generally, whenever one of these controls is activated, GRAMS/32 AI will automatically create a dedicated page for this control and will display this page. Note that controls are installed and run on client computers and are accessed as menu items built dynamically and added to the user's main menu. With GRAMS/32 AI, these choices are now offered as toolbar items. However, unlike menu items added to a user's main menu when a control is installed, the toolbar button while visible will do nothing if the user's profile is run on a machine that does not have the control installed. Read-only Pages ActiveApp and My Instrument pages are designated as "read-only" and cannot be modified by the user. This ensures that the page will always contain a single control with a specified name. Windows 2000 Compatibility GRAMS/32 AI was designed to be compatible with Windows 2000 as well as Windows 95/98 and NT (4.0 and above) operating systems. GRAMS Assistant The new default view is a three-paned window. The left pane has been added to display the GRAMS Assistant, a feature which consolidates GRAMS/32 AI data, display, page, and workbook parameters, shortcuts to GRAMS/32 AI workspace tools, and links to programming tools, placing them at your finger tips. The GRAMS Assistant cannot be customized. Workbook Page Assistant This tool provides a collection of predesigned pages that you can assemble together to build your new custom workbook. The Workbook Page Assistant can also be used to add any of the predesigned pages to an existing workbook. Toolbar Assistant This tool facilitates the creation of a customized toolbar. It presents several categories each of which includes predefined button commands and icons. All one has to do to add a button to the toolbar is to double click on a button command. Toolbar Selector GRAMS/32 AI includes a number of predefined toolbars that are geared to experiment types. Display Legends A dynamic legend can be added and printed with the trace. Print Preview Before a page is printed, this option allows you to see it as it would appear in the output. Saving Data The first time you save a data file, GRAMS/32 AI opens the directory specified for saving data files in your profile's User Preferences / Path. Subsequently when you save a data file, GRAMS/32 AI remembers the last file path you used for saving a data file and will open this folder for saving your data file. Workbook Annotation Logs You can keep a log of workbook day-to-day activities. GRAMS/32 AI allows you to enter and modify only the entry for the current day (Today). Logs for previous days can be viewed but not altered. Improved Program Clean-up GRAMS/32 AI includes an improved "garbage collection" of completed programs. It cleans up and removes leftover program resources. Prior versions periodically left cached programs and DLLs in memory and removed them only indeterminately (or sometimes not at all). Read-Only Command Line Switch A command line switch has been added for opening a workbook in read-only mode. The string "/r" when added at the end of the command will disable the File / Save Workbook item (e.g., H:\GAUTORUN GRM5 C:\GALACTIC\WORKBOOKS\TEST\TEST.GWB /r). No save prompts will be displayed when the workbook is closed even when changes have been made. Compiled HTML (CHM) Help Files GRAMS/32 AI's CHM help file displays the contents pane and the topic pane on the same frameset view. The main GRAMS/32 AI help file was created to merge with other Galactic CHM help files. This allows you to use its search option to search all the Galactic CHM help files that are in the same folder as the GRAMS/32 AI CHM file. These include the GRAMSART, GRAMSC32 (file converters), PLSIQ, SPECID, SPECDB, NMR, GRAMS3D, GALACFG, and the KB (Knowledge Base) CHM help files, in addition to the GRAMS/32 AI CHM help file. (The CHM files must be in the same folder.) Note that because GRAMSART has a similar "merge files" capability (although including only NMR, PLSIQ, SPECID, SPECDB, and GRAMS3D), the GRAMS/32 AI help file search results may have some duplications. Grams32 6 en

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