Installing over an older version of MathType

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
Category: Mathematics and Simulation > Mathtype
Version: 5
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Mathtype 5156 MathType 4 and MathType 5 cannot be installed simultaneously, and MathType 5's installation process removes MathType 4. You'll still be able to exchange documents containing MathType 4 equations as the equations are fully compatible. If you're currently using an earlier version (3.x or before) you have the option of overwriting it or installing MathType 5 into another folder. The decision as to whether or not to replace your old version of MathType with a new one is one you should consider carefully. Overwriting an old version of MathType If you choose to overwrite the older version of MathType, any equations you created with the old version will be automatically updated to the new version of MathType whenever you edit them. Normally, this is what you want as it lets you use the features of the new version of MathType when editing your equations. If you send documents containing equations to your friends and associates, converting equations to the new version is not a problem unless all of the following are true: You intend to send documents containing equations to friends and associates and; They need to edit the equations (viewing and printing are not a problem) and; They do not have the new version of MathType and are not willing to upgrade. If all the above are true for you, leave the old version of MathType installed. This way, when you edit old equations the old version of MathType will be invoked. When you create new equations, you will have your choice of using the old and new versions of MathType. Mathtype 5 en

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