My HP Journada starts to slow up after I have been collecting data for over 1 hour.

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
Category: Laboratory Applications > CE-Wedge
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Article Ref.: 33A2
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CE-Wedge 33A2 After collecting data using CE-Wedge for a while (1-2hrs) the HP Journada with a Socket I/O card, starts to slow up. This is likely to be caused by the Socket I/O card device driver. If the Journada is powered down (either intentionally or by the power saving feature in CE) while the serial port is open (the Socket I/O card port), when you turn the power back on the Journada runs slowly. The problem is in the Socket I/O card device driver and is not related to CE-Wedge or the Journada. One thing that you can do to avoid the problem is to select the option "Disable Power Down Timer While Port is Open" in the Advanced options in CEWedge. This option disables the CE power management function from automatically powering down the Journada if it is not being used. If you do turn off the Journada then please ensure that you select "None" as the serial port in CE-Wedge. Unexpected behaviour CEWedge All 1 en Measurement

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