Electrical Power Systems Engineering - Table of Contents

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
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Mathcad 3002 Electrical Power Systems Engineering Chapter 1 Power Transmission and Distribution Section 1.1: Per Unit System Section 1.2: Voltage Drop Calculations Section 1.3a: Load Flow Calculations - Theory Section 1.3b: Load Flow Calculations - Application Section 1.4a: Power Transformer Efficiency Section 1.4b: Power Transformer Cost Estimation Section 1.5a: Power System Harmonic Analysis Section 1.5b: Power System Harmonic Interactions Section 1.6a: Power Line Parameters Section 1.6b: Sequence Impedance Table 1.6.1: Characteristics of Aluminum Cable, Steel Reinforced Table 1.6.2: Characteristics of Aluminum Cable, Small Gauge Conductor Chapter 2 Power System Protection Section 2.1a: Power System Faults Section 2.1b: Faults - Application Section 2.2: Mid-Line Fault Calculations Section 2.3a: Out-of-Step Protection - Theory Section 2.3b: Out-of-Step Protection - Application Section 2.4: Induction Motor Start-up Protection Section 2.5a: DC Motor Protection Section 2.5b: DC Motor Simulation Chapter 3 Power System Electrical Transients Section 3.1a: Review of System Transients Section 3.1b: Transient Overvoltages Section 3.2a: Transformer Energization - Theory Section 3.2b: Transformer Energization - Simulation Table 3.2.1: Typical Transformer Impedances Section 3.2c: Transformer Energization - Compensation Section 3.3: Application of Surge Arresters Index of Techniques Index of Terms Mathcad N/A en

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