No data is appearing in the Port Analyse Window

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
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WinWedge 2F5A 1. Make sure that the PC you are using is equipped with the serial port selected in the Port Settings Dialogue box. If you do not have the chosen serial port or if your serial port is configured improperly then you must correct the problem and try again. Important: Make sure that the Port Address and IRQ number in the Advanced section of the PORTS dialogue box in the Windows Control Panel are correctly specified for your serial adapter hardware. The standard values for COM1 through COM4 are shown below: Connector Port Address IRQ COM1 03F8 4 COM2 02F8 3 COM3 03E8 4 COM4 02E8 3 2. Check that you are connected to your PC using the proper RS232 cable for connection to a PC and that you are plugged into the serial adapter that you specified in the Port Settings Dialogue box. Also make sure that your serial device is getting power and is turned on. You may also want to contact the manufacturer of the device to confirm that you are using the correct cable and that you are doing everything that is necessary to connect to a PC and also to get the device to transmit data. 3. Use the Port Analyze window in the Software Wedge and try, at least, to get some data from the device to appear in the Input Buffer text box. If you cannot get any data at all to appear (even garbage) then either the device is not transmitting anything, or you need a "NUL Modem Adapter". A NUL modem adapter is a small plug that connects between the serial cable from your device and serial port on your PC. Its purpose is essentially to cross the transmit and receive lines in the cable so that the transmit line from your serial device is connected to the receive line on your PC and vice versa. If you normally connect your serial device to a printer and you can successfully print to the printer, then you definitely need a NUL Modem Adapter. 4. The Analyze Window in the Wedge is similar to the Terminal program that comes with Windows 3.1 or the HyperTerminal program that comes with Windows 95 (located in your Accessories program group). The manufacturer of your serial device may not be familiar with the Software Wedge however they will more than likely be familiar with either Terminal or HyperTerminal. A good course of action at this point would be to contact the manufacturer of your serial device and have one of their technical support representatives walk you through the process of connecting the device to the Terminal or HyperTerminal program. Once you are able to get data into Terminal or HyperTerminal you should have no trouble doing the same thing with the Wedge. WinWedge - en

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