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Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
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Version: 7
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ChemFinder 2A2A ChemFinder 7.0 includes the following new features: Database Wizard--Takes you through the steps of setting up a form and a database. Form generator--Create new forms more easily. Tabs in forms and subforms--Separate long forms and subforms into smaller, more manageable parts. Drop-down menus on forms--Save typing by choosing data from drop-down menus. Additional Editing Options--Align and distribute form objects, for example. Continuous Forms--View all records displayed simultaneously in a series of miniforms. Importing Structures--Import a group of structures into a new database or append them to an existing one. View structure properties--Choose structure attributes to display with your structures. Find specific atoms and bonds. View structures in ChemDraw Format--In addition to viewing structures in ChemFinder format, you can now display them in ChemDraw format. Additional search preferences--Refine your searches with the additional preferences offered by the Search Details tab. Folders to organize your data--Arrange your data in the Data Source Tree by folders. Find List--Find lists of values on any non-structure field. ChemFinder 7 en Neil Chapman/Users/AdeptScientific

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