Setting up VC++ 6 for generating DOS executables from Code gen

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
Category: Mathematics and Simulation > VisSim
Article Ref.: 1C7A
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VisSim 1C7A Three stages are required to create an EXE from C-code gen Stage 1 - Declaring project Go to FILE Select NEW Select Project tab Enter project name in box on top RHC Pick on CONSOLE application Select target directory (preferably not a directory with a name longer than 8 characters or with spaces, otherwise you cannot acces it via DOS) Click on OK Stage 2 - Inputing neccassary files Go to PROJECT Select ADD TO PROJECT, FILES Using the browser Select source code (generated from Code gen) Select CG32.LIB or CGDLL32.LIB (for dll generation) Select VISSIM32.LIB These should be in the CG or VSDK LIB directories contained within VISSIM40 directory Stage 3 - Set up project configuration settings Go to PROJECT Select SETTINGS ALT+F7 Click on C/C++ Select PREPROCESSOR from drop down window In the Additonal Include directories box, specify path to the INCLUDE libraries E.g. C:\VISSIM40\VSDK\INCLUDE,C:\VISSIM40\CG\INCLUDE Go back to the main settings box and click on the LINK tab Under categories specify INPUT Under ignore libraries enter LIBC.LIB Click on the OK button You are now in a position to add code to source code, when this is complete press BUILD Select File Go to project Select add to project Select files Use browser to select VisSim en

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