Reference Manager search results are not changing when connectors (AND, OR, ETC) are added to a search string.

Last Modified: 9th Oct 2013
Category: Bibliography > Reference Manager
Platform: Win XP Vista Win 7 Win 8
Version: 12
Article Ref.: 13EAA
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Reference Manager 13EAA If you find that your search results do not change following the addition of a connecting term such as 'AND' or 'OR', the most likely explanation is that the Customized Search option is enabled. To change this, please try the following: 1) Navigate to Tools > Options, then click on the Retrieval tab. 2) Change the 'Field Search List' from 'Customized' to 'Complete' and then click OK. 3) Exit and restart Reference Manager and try your search again. This should now alter the outcome. Alternatively, some users may also find that their database needs to be reindexed in order for the search results to display correctly. In order to this, please do the following: 1) Open Reference Manager but close the database that you wish to reindex. 2) Navigate to Tools > Rebuild Database. 3) Use the '...' button to browse to the database that you wish to reindex, then click Open, followed by Rebuild. 4) Once the process has finished you will received a small report window which will let you know the results of the process. 5) Open your database and try your search again and see if the results have differed. If, after trying both of the above, you find that your search results are still not as they should be, please contact our Technical Support team at Working with Reference Manger databases ReferenceManager Win XP 12 en Filter

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