Can multiple instances of WinWedge write data to a single log file?

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
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Article Ref.: 13D4A
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WinWedge 13D4A It is possible to run multiple instances of WinWedge in the "Log To Disk" mode where each instance is writing its data to the same log file. The results of this will depend on how the devices output their data. Normally there is no problem with doing this however if the devices send their data in an unstructured format at random times, there is a very slight possibility that the data could get jumbled up in the file. We would need to get an example of the data that is being output from the devices so that we can assess if there are likely to be any problems. An alternative would be to have multiple instances of WinWedge (one for each device on each COM port) and have each instance write its data to its own log file. This way each device's data would be written to its own file eliminating the possibility of data getting mixed up in the file. The files could then be merged together. You could also use a product called COMFile. There is a demo version of this at the following web site: How Do I? WinWedge All All en All

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