How to install the Datashuttle 54 55 or 56 with DASYLab.

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
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Datashuttle 13CC6 Here are complete installation instructions for using the Datashuttle 54 55 or 56 with DASYLab: 1. Download and install the main Datashuttle 50 series driver. This must be installed before attaching USB unit. The installer can be downloaded at the link below: p.exe 2. Plug in the USB unit. The Add New Hardware Wizard should appear. Choose "Install the software automatically." 3. If DASYLab is not already installed, install DASYLab choosing the default options. At the Data Acquisition Driver screen, there is no need to select any additional driver for the Datashuttle, as this will be installed in the next step. 4. Download and install the DASYLab driver for Datashuttle 50 (must be installed after DASYLab.) The installer can be downloaded at the link below. xsetup.exe Once the main driver software and DASYLab driver software have been installed, the Datashuttle (also known as Personal DAQ) modules should now be available from either the modules menu: Or from within the Modules tree: When a module is placed on the worksheet a device selection box will appear: The Datashuttle device should appear in the list of attached devices. Click OK to place the module on the worksheet. The device should appear in the module properties as below: Troubleshooting --------------- Open Device Manager. Is the Personal Daq 50 unit listed with an exclamation mark or other warning icon? If so, please right click the device and select the "Update Driver" wizard. Choose "Install the software automatically." If the "Update Driver" wizard fails, check that Personal DaqView is installed, then try again. How Do I? Datashuttle All All en All

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