How to access the channels on the PDQ1 or PDQ2 expansion module for the DataShuttle 55 or 56?

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
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Datashuttle 13CBE The PDQ module is not detected as a separate device. It appears as additional available channels on the host Datashuttle USB. If using PDaqView, check that the active device is selected by opening Active Devices from the View menu. Open Channel Configuration from the View menu and double click the Off values in the columns to turn on as many channels as are available from the Datashuttle and PDQ module. If you are using DASYLab, each Analog Inputs module from the Personal DAQ menu represents up to 16 channels. Add as many Analog Inputs modules to the worksheet as required. Make sure that the corresponding channels on the Datashuttle USB are defined in a sequential fashion (i.e. 1,2,3 not 2,1,3) Note: When using the Datashuttle 55 with a PDQ module in DASYLab, Channels 6-10 are not used. Channels 1-5 should be selected for the channels on the Datashuttle itself and then Channels 11 onwards to access the PDQ module. How Do I? Datashuttle All All en All

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