How do you start/stop a DASYLab worksheet using a button on the layout instead of using the Play button?

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
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DASYLab 13C8E Add a switch from the Control modules group to the worksheet, and double click the module to open the Properties page. Select Start/Stop switch. This module will have no outputs. On the Layout screen, create a new "Link Graph" window. Double click on the new "Link Graphic" box to open the properties box. All of the available control modules will appear on the module drop down list. From here, select the corresponding switch. You should now see the switch showing on the Layout screen as below When you have finished designing the whole Layout, the edit mode will need to be disabled in order for the button to activate the Layout window. From the Options menu select Layout Settings and change the "Mouse usage" setting to "Only to operate Instruments." How Do I? DASYLab All All en DASYLab

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