What is the difference between the chart recorder and the Y/t chart?

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
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DASYLab 13C8A The chart recorder is most suitable for slow data (e.g. up to 1kHz) while the Y/t data is suitable for high speed data. In default mode, the Y/t chart operates like an oscilloscope, and will only update when new data equal to the complete width of the display is available. However, a fast recorder mode is available which provides a display update once per input block - which is advantageous for most applications, as it means the chart display will update more often. The minimum block size that can be used in fast recorder mode is 128 samples. To put the Y/t chart into fast recorder mode, go to the Y/t chart window and select from the Axes menu, X-Scale. The Y/t chart X-Scaling dialogue will appear. Set the maximum display range (this is the maximum you will be able to zoom out along the X-axis.) Finally, in the Display mode section, choose the Fast recorder radio button. How Do I? DASYLab All All en All

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