The Pause button doesn't work when the measurement is running.

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
Category: Data Acquisition > DASYLab
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Article Ref.: 13C4E
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DASYLab 13C4E The Pause/Continue switch works only if the worksheet contains no hardware modules. The Pause function stops the acquisition of new data, for example, from the modules Generator, A/D Input, Digital Input, PID, or Slider. However, DASYLab continues processing the data acquired before the interruption until all data blocks have run through the worksheet to the data sink. If you have a hardware module in the worksheet and set the worksheet to Pause, the measurement board will continue to work, risking a buffer overflow. This is the reason why the Pause / Continue switch works only in simulation. DASYLab All All en DASYLab

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