Does DASYLab support Modbus over TCP?

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
Category: Data Acquisition > DASYLab
Platform: All
Version: 11 10 9 and previous
Article Ref.: 13C36
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DASYLab 13C36 Support for Modbus over TCP was introduced with DASYLab 11.01 (Service Pack 1), but in order to activate all of the latest functionality of the Modbus modules, DASYLab Service Pack 2 is required. DASYLab versions 9 and 10 include support for Modbus over serial (RS-232) only. Service Pack 2 can be downloaded from the following link (DASYLab 11 required): How Do I? DASYLab All 11 en Y DASYLab

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