Configuring Internet Explorer to work with Direct Export from Web of Science on Macintosh OSX

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
Category: Bibliography > EndNote
Platform: OS 10.0x OS 10.1x OS 10.2x OS 10.3x
Version: 6 7 8
Article Ref.: 13922
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EndNote 13922 Direct Export from ISI Web of Science on Macintosh using Internet Explorer The Direct Export function will not work with Safari as this browser does not allow you to set up file helpers to post-process the information exported from Web of Science. You can download Internet Explorer for Macintosh free of charge from the Microsoft website. Once you have installed Internet Explorer you will need to configure the File Helper to allow the Direct Export to take place: A. Launch Internet Explorer and click on Explorer, Preferences B. Select File Helpers from the list on the left of the screen, C. Click on Add D. Enter in the information as follows (**this is case sensitive**): Description: EndNote-ISI Format Extension: .cgi MIME-Type: application/x-inst-for-Scientific-info Application: Click on Browse and select EndNote 7.0 as the application file. Click on OK File Type: Text File Creator: ENDN Encoding: Plain Text Use for Incoming: Should be ticked Use for outgoing: Should be ticked Download Destination: Temporary Items Folder How to Handle: Post-Process with Application E. Once you have entered in the above please click on OK and close down your browser. Launch Internet Explorer and navigate to the Web of Science site and try a Direct Export. You may need to specify that all .CGI files should be opened with EndNote, this can be achieved by highlighting the .CGI file on your desktop and using the Get Info option in the File menu to specify EndNote as the application which should always be used to open these files. Importing Data into EN EndNote OS 10.0x 6 en Direct Export

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