How Do I Import a text file from PubMed to EndNote or Reference Manager?

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
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EndNote 1385E To export the file from PubMed: 1. Perform your search so you're viewing your search results list. 2. Tick the references you wish to export. 3. click the Send To drop-down box and set it to File, and select MEDLINE as the format. 4. Save the text file file to your computer (is nomrally called PubMed_results.txt). To import the file into RefMan or EndNote: 1. In Reference Manager go to: File > Import Text File. In EndNote go to: File > Import > File. 2. Select your recently exported .txt file. 3. Select PubMed.cap for the import filter in Reference Manager, and for EndNote select PubMed (NLM) (click 'Other Filters' if you don't see it immediately), and click Import. How Do I? ReferenceManager All All en Y Citation

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