I am being repeatedly asked for my username and password when logging into EndNote Web.

Last Modified: 22nd Nov 2013
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Version: X2 X3
Article Ref.: 13846
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EndNote 13846 This is normally resolved by deleting the EndNote Web Cookie. For Internet Explorer on Windows XP, this should be located in the following folder: C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR USER NAME\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files The EndNote Web cookie contains your username followed by the web address e.g. Cookie:dave@www.myendnoteweb.com If you're using different browsers please refer to their Help section for information on how to delete specific cookies. Please delete this on your machine whilst EndNote is closed and then log into www.myendnoteweb.com and ensure that EndNote Desktop is configured to use the same EndNote Web account. To check this, go to EndNote and click Edit > Preferences > EndNote Web Alternatively, or if the above does not work, try logging into Web of Knowledge with your Shibboleth or Athens authentication and then going to "My EndNote Web" using the link within Web of Knowledge. Once you are logged in try using the Transfer References function again. EndNoteWeb X2 en Error

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