What does the -sgiopengl flag do?

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
Category: Data Analysis and Visualisation > Tecplot
Platform: Linux
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Tecplot 11086 What does the -sgiopengl flag do? "By default, the OpenGL (as opposed to mesa) invocation of tecplot will dynamically link with whatever opengl library is available - usually one that is in a place like /usr/lib or /lib. It is assumed that this library is the best fit - especially when it comes to local rendering. However, while this library may work fine for local display, it may have bugs related to repacking the opengl requests and sending them to remote displays via the glx mechanism. If this is the case then we provide an alternate opengl library that is a simple pass through to generating the glx packets. This alternate library is from sgi, and the flag to activate it (-sgiopengl) can be used on Linux, Unix and MAC. The drawback to using the sgi opengl library (especially for local display) is that it introduces another layer and thus is likely not as fast as using the native opengl library. Its main benefit is for remote display. It's possible in some rare cases that using the native opengl library is bad or buggy and using the sgi opengl library is the only alternative for local display." Installation Tecplot Linux en

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