SPC Case Study - National Titanium Dioxide Company Implements NWA Quality Suite to Support World-Class Manufacturing


The company goal was to establish itself as a world class manufacturer and improve efficiency, yield and quality. Statistical process control (SPC) is the accepted way to achieve these goals. In addition to using SPC for routine process monitoring, Cristal wanted the capability to run an active Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) program. However, the Yokogawa DCS 3000 system and Exaquantum historian used to monitor and control the process did not provide the required SPC and manufacturing analytics reporting and visualisation.

The project involved extracting laboratory and control system data from the Exaquantum historian and automating the transfer of the process data into NWA Quality Monitor plant floor workstations. The data is transferred every fifteen minutes, processed and used to update QM operator screens and NWA Quality Monitor Supervisor process status supervisory displays. Operators use the Quality Monitor stations to detect events and to guide process adjustments while supervisory and managerial staff uses the Supervisor screens to alert to process difficulties.

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