NWA Quality Monitor Configuration Manual


  • Writing to external databases
    Quality Monitor now writes data from the current Data Set directly to an external ODBC-compliant database. Quality Monitor writes to a single table, and in most cases will write to queries, views, and procedures. A built-in "normalize" function allows simplified writing to tables that are partially or fully normalized. The database write can be set to occur at specified intervals, including after each record. All database writing supports user security as defined by the target database.
  • Custom menus for workstations
    Quality Monitor now includes the ability to create custom menus for launching data entry screens on Workstations. The new Menu Editor lets users create configurable, hierarchical menus organized to simplify selection of data entry screens. This also allows a single screen design (QMD file) to be used with multiple Data Sets (that have identical structure).
  • New calculation functions
    Quality Monitor now supports additional date and time calculation functions and a new function for basing values of one field on the value of another, the WHEN function.
  • "Required" entries
    Any or all Data Fields on a Screen may be defined as "required". During use, Quality Monitor will not let a user leave the current record until all required fields are entered.
  • Value of Input or Display field can be used in Filter criteria
    The current value of an Input or Display field can be used as criteria in a filter that is defined as part of a Chart command. This allows data filters to be based on values entered by the user or acquired from devices or the system (such as the date).
  • New Examples
    There are three new Example Data Sets: The "BATCHDB" example writes data to a Microsoft Access database after each record is entered. The "OUTFALL" example writes "normalized" data to a Microsoft Access database after each record is entered. The "HACCP" example is a data-entry screen that might be used by a food processor to collect HACCP data.
  • Comma/Period decimal conversion for device input
    Quality Monitor will now convert commas to period decimals for device input that follows the "comma as decimal" convention used in many countries.

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