DASYLab 2020 trial


Evaluate DASYLab 2020 for 28 days. Put DASYLab's easy-to-use, flexible and powerful system to the test to build and control your measurement applications without writing even one line of code! This download will enable you to use your data acquisition hardware and evaluate all features of DASYLab.

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1. Download the zip file and unzip it to a temporary folder on your PC.

2. Browse to the folder where you have extracted the zip file. Within this, launch "StartCD.Exe" or "StartCD" by double clicking the icon. This will launch the DASYLab splash screen. On the splash screen, click "Install DASYLab" and then wait for the installer to launch.

3. After the initial installation, the ?Configurator? will launch where you will be prompted for a serial number. Tick the "Install evaluation version" box. This will start a 28 day evaluation of the product. Click OK.

4. You will now be prompted to install "Packages?. If you are using data acquisition hardware, then expand the data acquisition tree and select the hardware group which you require support for. If you are evaluating the product without data acquisition hardware, then use the default options on this screen. Click OK.

5. Select the final options for DASYLab and the installation process will finish.

Note: It is not advised to install optional components or drivers unless you know that you require them.

Don't hesitate to contact our support department with any problems or queries.

email: info@alfasoft.com

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