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NWA eHACCP CD and DVD information pack

This CD and DVD Information Pack offers a complete overview of the new NWA eHACCP system.

NWA Quality Analyst Demo

Evaluate NWA Quality Analyst for free for 30 days and see for yourself how easy it is to convert your process data into valuable, timely information.

NWA Quality Analyst Version 6 Product Tour

A brief introduction to NWA Quality Analyst

NWA Quality Monitor Product Tour

A brief introduction to NWA Quality Monitor

Patches and Updates - Current Version


NWA Quality Monitor Patches and Updates

Patches and updates for current and previous versions of NWA Quality Monitor

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Exceeding EMI Best Practices

EMI has become one of the top requirements for high-performance manufacturing. ARC Advisory Group detailed the top 10 Best Practices for EMI success in their Strategic Report, “Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence: Integrating and Extracting Value from “Big Data”. Northwest Analytics outlines how to achieve those best practices utilizing NWA Focus EMI®.

New features in NWA Quality Analyst 6.2 datasheet

Details of improvements and new features for Quality Analyst Version 6.2

NWA Focus EMI Datasheet

The NWA Focus EMI Core delivers real-time process analytics and visualisation services from existing manufacturing data sources

NWA QAx Datasheet

NWA Quality Analyst 6.3 Datasheet

Find out what's new in Quality Analyst 6.3

NWA Quality Analyst and IndustrialSQL Server

Discover the integrated, easy-to-use decision support tool that unlocks the data stored in InSQL.

NWA Quality Analyst brochure

Superior real-time SPC charting, analysis and reporting

NWA Quality Analyst datasheet

Superior real-time SPC charting, analysis and reporting

NWA Quality Information System brochure

Affordable quality automation

NWA Quality Information System datasheet

Complete Quality Information Management from Data Collection to Charts

NWA Quality Information System datasheet



NWA Quality Analyst specifications version 6.2

Specifications datasheet for NWA Quality Analyst version 6.2

Product Manuals


NWA Quality Analyst Quick Start Guide

Get a head start using NWA Quality Analyst

NWA Quality Monitor Configuration Manual

Addendum to the NWA Quality Monitor Configuration Manual which describes the new features in version 2.2

Patches and Updates - Previous Versions


NWA Quality Monitor Patches and Updates

Patches and updates for current and previous versions of NWA Quality Monitor



How to... analyse production defects to eliminate waste and ensure quality with NWA Quality Analyst

This is the third in a series of wallcharts to show how Statistical Process Control (SPC) with NWA Quality Analyst software can deliver continual process improvement to your operation.

How to... monitor your processes to ensure quality targets are met with NWA Quality Analyst

This is the first in a series of wallcharts to show how Statistical Process Control (SPC) with NWA Quality Analyst software can deliver continual process improvement to your operation.

How to... report quality data to management and customers with NWA Quality Analyst

This is the fifth in a series of wallcharts to show how Statistical Process Control (SPC) with NWA Quality Analyst software can deliver continual process improvement to your operation.

How to... study Sub Group Data to improve quality performance with NWA Quality Analyst

This is the fourth in a series of wallcharts to show how Statistical Process Control (SPC) with NWA Quality Analyst software can deliver continual process improvement to your operation.

How to... use Trend Analysis to identify and evaluate process variations with NWA Quality Analyst

This is the second in a series of wallcharts to show how Statistical Process Control (SPC) with NWA Quality Analyst software can deliver continual process improvement to your operation.

Request all "How to..." posters

Request by post all of the Statistical Process Control (SPC) How to... series of wallcharts

Training Information


NWA Quality Analyst Training Datasheet

NWA Quality Analyst Training Datasheet

SPC Consultancy Information Pack

A guide to how Adept Scientific can assist with the planning, preparation, deployment and implementation of projects via our dedicated consultancy services.

Case Studies


Case Study: NWA Quality Analyst Supports Nuclear and Environmental Analysis Work

Consistency Improvements Accompany Customer Relations Benefits for Plastic Film Pioneers

How to... load specifications from Excel into NWA Quality Analyst

Iams Case Study - Using NWA Quality Analyst to Optimise Fill Weights and Generate Savings

When it comes to feeding cats and dogs, The Iams Company is serious about The worldwide leader in premium pet foods uses statistical process control (SPC) and continuous process improvement at every stage of its production operation.

NWA Application Pack 1 - Applications for the food industry

NWA software solutions can help ensure product consistency, increase efficiency and provide reporting to meet regulatory requirements

NWA Application Pack 2 - Applications for the packaging industry

NWA software solutions can help ensure product consistency, increase efficiency and provide reporting to meet regulatory requirements

NWA Application Pack 3 - Applications for the chemical industry

NWA software solutions can help identify potential problems and inefficiencies faster and can improve the reliability of product and process analysis reporting

NWA Application Pack 4 - Applications for the electronics industry

NWA software solutions can help improve product quality and reduce manufacturing costs

NWA Application Pack 5 - Applications for the life sciences industry

NWA software solutions allow product quality and process capability reports

NWA Case Study - Cask of thousands

Scotland's youngest distillery is using Quality Analyst software from Northwest Analytics to maintain rigorous control over some of the drinks industry's most traditional products.

NWA Case Study - Turning Oceans of Data into Real-Time Actionable Manufacturing Intelligence

Dow Chemical wanted to generate actionable information from existing data so that it could be shared across global plants, and inform teams on processes, efficiencies and best practices.

NWA Quality Analyst Case Study: Delivering the "Stats" for US School Lunch Quality and Safety

NWA white paper - 21st Century Process Management Using SPC Based Manufacturing Analytics

This article discusses how actively using SPC and Manufacturing Analytics lets you use large volumes of process data effectively to efficiently manage your enterprise.

NWA White Paper: The case for using Statistical Process Control (SPC) in the Food Industry

Discover the benefits of using Statistical Process Control (SPC) in order to monitor Critical Control Point (CCP) data in the food industry.

SPC Case Study - Delivering the industry's best turnaround times

Learn how analysis and monitoring services provider Chemtest is continuing to deliver the fastest turnaround times in the industry after installing Northwest Analytical's Quality Analyst from Adept Scientific. Laboratory service providers have previously struggled to cope with vast and growing amounts of data required to provide the comprehensive service offered by these companies.

SPC Case Study - Gallo Glass uses Quality Analytics and Reporting for bottle production

The Gallo Glass plant in Modesto California is one of world's largest bottle plants. Fourteen glass lines make more than 100 types of bottles in sizes and shapes ranging from 187 ml single serving bottles to 4 liter jugs. The plant is the sole supplier to the E & J Gallo Winery and produces over 2 million bottles a day.

SPC Case Study - National Titanium Dioxide Company Implements NWA Quality Suite to Support World-Class Manufacturing

SPC Case Study - Newark Group Uses NWA to Decrease Process Variation and Increase Profits

The Longview, WA facility of Newark Paperboard Products produces paperboard tubes that are used for applications such as paper mill winder cores, tubes used in a variety of packaging applications and as concrete forms.

SPC Case Study - PerkinElmer LABWORKS integrates NWA SPC software to help water department meet quality standards

The Hong Kong Water Department uses a LIMS from NWA Partner PerkinElmer to help it monitor and control water quality and meet the (World Health Organization) quality recommendations.

SPC Case Study - Praxair Employs NWA for Ultra-Pure Process Gas Customer Satisfaction

Praxair Electronics produces process and precursor gases used by the majority of semiconductor chip and solar cell manufacturers. They have integrated NWA Quality Analyst with their quality management databases for major process improvement and cost savings.

SPC Case Study - Recasting a high-end foundry into a data-driven manufacturer

SPC Case Study: Saint Gobain Containers Achieves High Efficiencies with NWA Quality Analyst

The software makes it easy to compare data collected over days, weeks, months and even years, allowing them to spot large trends and unusual patterns that might otherwise be missed in the day-to-day views

SPC Casebook 26: Brewing the Best with the NWA Quality Information System

Find out how Widmer Brothers Brewing Company push their brewing process performance to the next level with the help of NWA Quality Information System.

SPC Casebook: A Global Quality Culture is in the bag with SPC

Crown Cork and Seal Co. implement a company-wide quality standardisation program with Northwest Analytical SPC software

SPC Casebook: Better quality across the board

NWA's Quality Monitor and Quality Analyst products improve consistency at BPB Gypsum.

SPC Casebook: Consistency improvements accompany customer relations benefits for plastic film pioneers

Learn how leading manufacturer of metallised films and laminates, Camvac Limited, has realised production and customer benefits with the introduction of Northwest Analytical?s (NWA) Statistical Process Control (SPC) software, Quality Monitor and Quality Analyst.

SPC Casebook: Crompton Technology wind up flight control with NWA

Read how NWA Quality Monitor helps meet demanding aerospace industry quality standards.

SPC Casebook: Driving Enterprise Process Intelligence

Why continuous process monitoring and improvement is everyone's responsibility

SPC Casebook: How Kettle Foods maintained the quality of the artisan potato chip and achieved high volume production

SPC Casebook: Integrating HACCP and SPC

The Role of SPC in the Food Processing Industry

SPC Casebook: Integrating ISO 9001 and ISO 22000

Read how ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 are related and how together they define food safety and quality management systems.

SPC Casebook: Metabolising statistical benefits with SPC

Learn how NWA Quality Analyst, has become an integral part of ABN's raw material and finished product quality effort, adding significant benefits to the company's customer relations as well as providing cost reductions and more effective use of time.

SPC Casebook: Moving from Product Control to Process Control

Actively managing process variation is key

SPC Casebook: Nuclear analysis operations improved with Quality Analyst

Learn how Quality Analyst sotware from Northwest Analytical (NWA), provided by Adept Scientific, is helping Sellafield Ltd to achieve its regulatory commitments and remain at the forefront of quality and safety in the industry.

SPC Casebook: Nuclear Energy

Read how British Energy has saved money and improved the reliability and flexibility of its chemistry condition monitoring system.

SPC Casebook: NWA Quality Analyst Goes Global for Better Nutrition

?Find out why Fortitech, the leader in the development and manufacture of custom nutrient premix blends, use NWA Quality Analyst as its standard SPC charting, analysis and documentation tool.

SPC Casebook: Quality is in the Blood with SPC and Analysis Software

Featuring the NHS Blood and Transplant case study

SPC Casebook: Reducing variables in cuts of meat

Excel tests statistical process control methods to attain product consistency

SPC Casebook: Rockwood Monitors Pigment Performance Around the World

Find out how Rockwood Pigments implemented NWA Quality Information System to improve process management.

SPC Casebook: SPC and ISO 9000

The role of SPC in the ISO 9000 process

SPC Casebook: SPC in Electronics Manufacturing

Statistical Process Control and Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

SPC Casebook: SQC in the Laboratory

Using SQC to monitor analytical methods

SPC Casebook: Testing Waters with NWA Quality Analyst

A laboratory involved in the analysis of marine waters and freshwater fisheries around the country has found accuracy and efficiency benefits in its sampling activities following the adoption of NWA (Northwest Analytics) Quality Analyst.

SPC Casebook: The case for using professional SPC software instead of Excel

Explains how professional statistical process control software overcomes the limitations of Excel for improving the quality of your product or process

SPC Casebook: The role of SPC in the Food Industry - featuring Butterball Turkey Company who used SPC to expand and improve its new Turkey Inspection System

SPC Casebook: The Role of Statistical Process Control in Six Sigma

Featuring the Dow Chemical Company Six Sigma case study

SPC Casebook: The Welsh Blood Service Improves Quality with SPC

NWA Quality Analyst provides an array of tools vital to running and developing quality control and analysis

SPC Casebook: Three Valleys Water

Read how Three Valleys Water, monitor water through a variety of tests using NWA Quality Analyst.

SPC Casebook: Unimix Uses NWA Quality Analyst to Build the Worlds Tallest Building

Unimix uses NWA Quality Analyst to monitor and improve its processes, demonstrate capability to meet specifications, provide quality deliverables to customers and maintain its position as the largest supplier to the tallest building projects.

SPC Casebook: Using SPC to optimise product fill weights, minimise overfill and still comply with regulations.

SPC NWA Quality Monitor Casebook: Engineering process quality for fasteners leader

BAS Components, a major supplier of Proprietary 'Flangeform' fasteners with 'in Die' and robotic cell automation technology, chooses NWA?s Quality Monitor to enhance its processes and customer satisfaction levels.

SPC Whitepaper - How can I get Funding for My Quality System

Get your ROI justification right and you don't need any other reason to say yes to SPC

SPC Whitepaper - Our Customers Want Us to Do It

Properly implemented, SPC saves you many thousands of pounds and has a direct benefit to the profitability of your business

SPC Whitepaper: Integrating HACCP and SPC

SPC whitepaper: Using SPC methods to trigger preventative maintenance and prevent CCP violations

Achieve a more productive maintence system and a successful HACCP system.

SPC Whitepaper: Why paper-based SPC is not as reliable as you think!

Paper-based methods of capturing and communicating process data often give a false sense of security.

The Application of SPC for Process Improvement and Cost Reduction

Additional Resources


Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence for intelligent manufacturing

More and more manufacturing companies are putting MI on their strategic projects list in an attempt to bring together data from many sources for reporting, analysis, visual summaries and data flow between enterprise-level and plant-floor systems. The goal is to turn large amounts of manufacturing data into real, usable knowledge that drives business results.

Finding the Return on Investment (ROI) in your Quality System

Whether you want to control fill-weights, reduce energy consumption or rework, lower warranty costs or detect problems earlier, this presentation shows you how to quantify the return on investment of investing in SPC using worked examples.

Holistic SPC

This article looks at the role of Statistical Process Control in a holistic approach to process understanding and improvement at Napp Pharmaceuticals.

How to analyse your Excel data in NWA Quality Analyst

See how easy it is to get Excel data into Quality Analyst. Install the demo, then follow the To-do's instructions for yourself or send us your Excel dataset and we'll do it for you.

ISO 22000 Compliant Food Safety Systems Recorded Webinar

Manufacturing Chemist Press Coverage - SQC in the laboratory

Statistical Quality Control can be useful in monitoring analytical methods, increasing customer confidence in results and speeding decision-making on out-of-spec results argues Michelle Boness of Adept Scientific.

Multivariate SPC the next step in a comprehensive Analytics Program - A PowerPoint Presentation

Read how NWA's new Multivariate SPC tool can help to move your quality program to the next level and provide on-going process monitoring. The intuitive solution integrates tightly with your databases and multivariate modelling software to provide powerful multivariate SPC techniques.

NWA Quality Analyst 6.3 Evaluation Kit

NWA Quality Analyst® is an award-winning SPC charting and analysis software. It provides the best combination of power, flexibility, and ease of use of any SPC software available.

NWA Quality Analyst Comparison Chart

See how NWA Quality Analyst has developed over the last three releases

Process Improvement Through SPC

An introduction to SPC tools and techniques and how they can be used to understand and improve processes (and increase profits).

Quality Manufacturing Today Press Coverage - Better quality across the board

Shopfloor data collection and spc software is helping British Gypsum to implement consistent quality processes and improve productivity in plants throughout the UK

SPC Evaluation Pack

Request your SPC Evaluation Pack and put your quality project on the right track.



How to automate your control charts and reports

Learn how to create the plots you use the most automatically at the click of a button!

How to connect to ANY ODBC database in NWA Quality Analyst

See how easy it is to connect to any Excel, Access, SQL and Oracle database to analyse your existing data - all with a single SPC application.

How to get more from NWA Quality Analyst

Learn useful tips & tricks to make NWA Quality Analyst work harder and faster for you.

Northwest Analytics - Manufacturing Intelligence for Intelligent Manufacturing

Recorded webinar: SPC solutions product overview

If you're sourcing solutions for shop floor data collection, SPC charting and analysis, or web-based reporting and real-time manufacturing intelligence, check out our 30-minute recorded webinar which outlines our SPC software range from Northwest Analytics. You might find we've got just what you need to effectively manage and improve plant processes throughout your factory and supply chains.

Recorded Webinar: The fastest, simplest way to implement Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence

Watch this 30-minute recorded webinar to discover the quickest way to convert your process data into high value, timely actionable manufacturing intelligence.

For the time being we are unable to offer the following product ranges although we are currently working hard to increase the number of products we can offer in the future. Please contact us to talk about alternative products that we may be able to offer you.