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Micro Saint Sharp 3.6 demo

Demonstration of Micro Saint Sharp, the general purpose, discrete-event simulation software tool.

Application worksheets


Discrete Event Simulation with Micro Saint Sharp and Six Sigma Manufacturing

Companies can utilise simulation to help design efficient production and business systems, validate and trade off proposed design solution alternatives, troubleshoot potential problems, improve systems performance metrics.

Micro Saint Bank Teller Simulation

This model simulates and animates customers being served at a bank, and can be used to analyse workload and queuing times.

Micro Saint Hospital Simulation

A 3D-rendered simulation of patients being assessed, treated and routed through a hospital.

Micro Saint Manufacturing Plant Simulation

A simulation of a factory floor animated in 3D.

General Brochures


Micro Saint Sharp 3.6 New Features

Find out about the latest features that make Micro Saint Sharp Version 3.6 faster, modular and more powerful.

Micro Saint Sharp Brochure

Find out about the new capabilities in Micro Saint Sharp that make it easier for you to build and customise your models and animations.

Micro Saint Sharp Datasheet

This paper provides an overview of Micro Saint Sharp and presents some of its new modelling capabilities.

Micro Saint Sharp OptQuest Datasheet

Find out more about OptQuest - a feature that extends the optimising capabilities of this simulation software.

Training Information


Micro Saint Sharp Consultancy Information Pack

A guide to how Adept Scientific can assist with the planning, preparation, deployment and implementation of projects via our dedicated consultancy services.

Case Studies


Micro Saint - Case Studies collection

A selection of real-life case studies, where Micro Saint is used to simulate challenging scenarios and produce effective solutions.

Micro Saint - Decision Training Tools Case Study

Using Micro Saint to reduce the number of helicopter accidents caused by pilot error.

Micro Saint - Health Care Case Study

Using Micro Saint to improve a firm's ability to accurately forecast obstetric bed need.

Micro Saint - Health Service Case Study

Read how discrete event simulation models, developed at Lancaster University using Micro Saint Sharp are being used to map health service efficiency.

Micro Saint - Human Factors & Ergonomics Case Study

Using Micro Saint to calculate how many pilots it takes to safely fly an aeroplane.

Micro Saint - Manufacturing Case Study

Using Micro Saint to aid in the design of a new production line that optimally employs just-in-time and cellular manufacturing techniques.

Micro Saint - Solutions with Micro Analysis and Design case studies

Four Micro Saint case studies

Micro Saint - Workload Analysis Case Study

Using Micro Saint to reduce manpower without suffering a loss in performance and productivity.

Micro Saint Sharp White Paper - Linking human performance and anthropometric models through an open architecture

Micro Saint Sharp White Paper - Using discrete event simulation to assess human lifting and assembly of vehicle armor

Micro Saint Sharp White Paper 10

Micro Saint Sharp Simulation Software

Micro Saint White Paper 1

Success Stories in Simulation in Healthcare

Micro Saint White Paper 11

Estimating the Effects of Stress During Operational Conditions

Micro Saint White Paper 2

Computer Simulation as a Tool for Studying Human-Centred Systems

Micro Saint White Paper 3

Using Discrete-Event Simulation to Model Human Performance in Complex Systems

Micro Saint White Paper 4

Modelling the Effects of Crew Size and Crew Fatigue on the Control of Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (TUAVS)

Micro Saint White Paper 5

Modelling with the Micro Saint Simulation Package

Micro Saint White Paper 6

The Human Simulation: Resolving Manning Issues Onboard DD21

Micro Saint White Paper 7

Using Simulation to Analyse Supply Chains

Micro Saint White Paper 8

Human Performance Modelling for Discrete-Event Simulation: Workload

Micro Saint White Paper 9

Micro Saint Modelling and the Human Element

Micro Saint White Papers

A collection of all the Mirco Saint White Papers

Additional Resources


Explore the Human-Machine Interface with Micro Saint Sharp

This file demonstrates the use of Micro Saint Sharp to simulate the overall operator workload required for target acquisition in an armoured combat vehicle.

Micro Saint Sharp - Workload Analysis Tutorial

Human Performance Modelling with Discrete-Event Simulation: Workload Analysis.

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