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Mathcad Prime 7 - 64 Bit Demo - plus Mathcad Express

Try Mathcad Prime free for 30 days with this single-user evaluation. After 30 days, the trial will become Mathcad Express.

If you're running a 32 bit Windows version, please contact us at and we can explain what you can do.

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Mathcad patches and updates

Patches and updates for current and previous versions of Mathcad

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Mathcad Electronic Books - Visual Electromagnetics for Mathcad

Visual Electromagnetics for Mathcad is an Electronic Book specially written for use with the text Introduction to Electromagnetic Fields 3/e, 1998. Visual Electromagnetics for Mathcad contains over 70 separate worksheets and is roughly 500 pages in length. For Mathcad 8 or higher. This book will not run on 64-bit systems

Application worksheets


Optimising Asset Allocation by Maximising the Sharpe Ratio

The Sharpe ratio quantifies how effectively a portfolio of risky assets utilises risk to maximise return. This application calculates the optimum asset mix for a portfolio of stocks by maximising its Sharpe ratio. This file contains a Mathcad 14 worksheet.

Polynomial Curve Fitting with Mathcad

This worksheet delivers a introduction to the theory behind polynomial curve-fitting.

The Adept Scientific Guide to Chemical Engineering Calculations with Mathcad

An invaluable collection of worksheets detailing chemical and process engineering calculations with Mathcad. This guide covers topics as diverse as fluid flow and pipe sizing calculations to binary distillation and vapour-liquid equilibria.

General Brochures


Invest in Mathcad

Why you should use Mathcad over a spreadsheet for your engineering work

Mathcad 15 Brochure

The Global Standard for Engineering Calculations

Mathcad calculations for chemical and process engineering

Sample PDF Mathcad worksheets featuring chemical and process engineering calculations

Mathcad Maintenance Brochure

Your guide to the Mathcad maintenance plan. The most cost-effective way to keep your software and technological assets current.

Mathcad Prime 6.0 Brochure

The latest, greatest industry standard for engineering calculations

Mathcad Prime 6.0 Datasheet

Mathcad Prime 6.0 Datasheet

Demos - Previous Versions


Mathcad 15 demo

Use the Mathcad 15 demo to migrate your old worksheets to Mathcad Prime

Training Information


A Disaster Waiting to Happen - Why Risk Your Most Important Calculations to Spreadsheets?

Integrating Mathcad with Ansys

This recorded webinar will demonstrate how Mathsoft's engineering calculation and documentation capabilities, combined with ANSYS' simulation capabilities, will for the first time let users automatically import Workbench data into Mathcad to drive and document engineering calculations.

Mathcad Consultancy Information Pack

A guide to how Adept Scientific can assist with the planning, preparation, deployment and implementation of projects via our dedicated consultancy services.

Teaching Engineering with Mathcad, hosted by Beth Porter and Leslie Bondaryk.

This 60-minute recorded Webinar will demonstrate the use of Mathcad technologies to teach engineering.

Add-on Brochures


Mathcad Engineering Libraries

This document describes how Mathcad engineering libraries deliver hundreds of standard calculation procedures, formulae and reference tables to the desktop.

Mathcad Extension Packs

This document describes how to boost the calculation power

Case Studies


Making Better Decisions, Faster: How Civil Engineers Are Improving Efficiency with Engineering Calculation Software

The right calculation software can be a powerful tool that enables engineering teams to more easily solve problems, generate ideas, share important data and catch mistakes before they have major consequences.

Making Better Decisions, Faster: How Electrical Engineers Are Improving Efficiency with Engineering Calculation Software

The right calculation software can be a powerful tool that enables engineering teams to more easily solve problems, generate ideas, share important data and catch mistakes before they have major consequences.

Mathcad Case Study - Accurate Engineering Calculations are Critical for Structural Design at William Hare (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Find out how William Hare (India) use Mathcad to create critical calculations for connection designs of structural steel in less time and with fewer errors.

Mathcad Case Study - Bit Tips Asia Uses PTC's Mathcad in Railway Magnetic Field Calculations

Mathcad Case Study - Breakthrough in Water Treatment Technology

At Cornell University, the AguaClara Project is making headway in the development of zero-energy water-treatment plants that can be built and maintained with locally sourced materials.

Mathcad Case Study - Engineering Calculation Software Essential for Predictive Engineering

This article shows how Mathcad accelerates the product design cycle, from concept to manufacturing engineering, to make the most of predictive engineering.

Mathcad Case Study - Full Steam Ahead with Mathcad at MAN B&W Diesel AG

MAN B&W Diesel AG is the world's leading developer of diesel engines for ship propulsion units and stationary power supply systems. In less than two years, Man B&W Diesel developed the world's fastest-selling, medium-weight marine engine, the L21/31 using Mathcad calculation software.

Mathcad Case Study - GKN Revolves Around Aerospace Calculations

Mathcad is used at GKN Aerospace Engineering Services by stress engineers who produce calculations and product designs that are shared among customers to check that calculations and designs are free of errors and parts are ready to be manufactured.

Mathcad Case Study - Hittech Multin Improves Product Development with PTC's Creo Elements/Pro and Mathcad

Mathcad Case Study - Hyundai Engineering Co. Reduces Engineering Calculation Time with Mathcad

Find out how Hyundai Engineering Co. uses Mathcad to develop, visualise and document the precise calculations required for Nuclear Power Plant engineering in less time.

Mathcad Case Study - Mathcad for Free Kicks

Read how Physicist Ken Bray and biomechanics expert David Kerwin at Bath's Department of Sport and Exercise Science used computer modelling to help explain why England's World Cup star, David Beckham, is so effective at free kicks.

Mathcad Case Study - Mathcad helps luxury clock and watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre to reduce development time by 50%

Find out why Jaeger-LeCoultre use Mathcad, as part of its product development solution, to perform and document the calculations used to create it's entire product portfolio of watches and clocks.

Mathcad Case Study - Meinhardt Facade Technology Adopts PTC's Mathcad to Improve Calculation Productivity

Mathcad Case Study - Technip ensures the reliability of its calculations using PTC Mathcad

Technip, world leader in project management, engineering and construction for the energy industry, uses Mathcad to enhance the reliability of its calculations.

Mathcad Case Study - When is a goal not a goal? Mathcad measures up

Disputed goals are a major headache in professional football. This new white paper by Dr Ken Bray, the Bath-based theoretical physicist, looks at one particular type where a ball, bouncing on the ground after its impact with the crossbar, spins back into play.

Mathcad Case Study: Uni-Systems Scores Big in Designing Retractable Stadium Roofs Using Mathcad

Find out how Uni-Systems design state-of-the-art NFL venues using Mathcad.

Mathcad Customer Story: 3M Secures Aircraft With Adhesives and Polymers

Mathcad is used by 3M's Aerospace and Aircraft Maintenance division to track, manage and document the critical calculations involved in the development, testing and selection of aircraft adhesives and polymers.

Mathcad Customer Story: Aegis Makes Waves in Radio Satellite Project

Aegis was charged to produce statistics measuring the effect of the built environment on wideband radio signals to aid the S@TCOM scheme.

Mathcad Customer Story: Chemical Analysis at Honeywell from Computation to Presentation

Developing calculations for modelling chemical reactions and physical processes in heat exchange/reactor-type devices.

Mathcad Customer Story: Hanze University Groningen

For almost two decades, students have benefited from designing with Mathcad in both their academic courses - and ultimately in their careers

Mathcad Customer Story: Hydraulic Cylinder Design Now Faster and More Exact

Engineers at Rexroth Hydraudyne use Mathcad a visual design environment that allows engineers from all industries to draw from a variety of data sources during the design phase of a product and document all mathematical formulas and calculations to design the large industrial hydraulic cylinders.

Mathcad Customer Story: Leaving a Road Map for Future Engineers

The Office of Bridge Design at South Dakota's Department of Transportation provides design and construction engineering services for more than 1,780 bridges throughout the state. Safety and cost effectiveness are the top priorities of this department. The South Dakota DOT turned to Mathsoft's Mathcad program for help with repetitive calculations not handled by the bridge design software.

Mathcad Customer Story: Louisiana Tech University

A Louisiana Tech professor uses Mathcad to tackle wastewater treatment and improve teaching efficiency

Mathcad Customer Story: Mathcads Format Ideal for Florida DOT

For the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) it is essential to have a standard for technical calculation and design communication. Calculations must be precise, and information must be communicated in both a timely and easy-to-understand manner, especially in a hurricane-ridden state. The FDOT uses Mathcad to ensure smooth communications and design efficiency.

Mathcad Customer Story: Optical Solutions Manages Calculations with Mathcad

Optical Solutions designs and manufactures optical access systems that enable local service providers to offer a wide range of integrated voice, video and high-speed data services to residences. Optical needed to communicate technical documents in a uniform way among the company's technical and non-technical employees and customers and turned to Mathcad.

Mathcad Customer Story: SKF Group Rolls Out New Roller Bearing

The SKF Group, headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, is the leading global supplier of products, customer solutions and services in the business of rolling bearing and seals.

Mathcad Customer Story: Stork Fokker Aerospace

Using Mathcad to manage the large computation models and intense data processing required to produce the primary components of the Airbus A380.

Mathcad in the Aerospace & Defense Industry White Paper

This white paper investigates how Mathcad is being adopted by Aerospace & Defence engineering organisations.

Mathcad Mechanical Technology Article

Case study - Mathcad creates a springboard for integrated engineering design.

Mathcad or Excel?

Don't ditch your spreadsheet: but if you want an effective way to progress, document and communicate engineering projects, you need Mathcad on your desktop too.

Mathcad Predictive Engineering White Paper

Do the maths: engineering calculation software essential for predictive engineering. Product development professionals are able to predict the form, fit and function of their 3D CAD model designs using today's powerful engineering calculation software, such as Mathcad® from PTC.

Mathcad Whitepaper - Best practices in product development: Design studies & trade-off analyses

This whitepaper examines the use of Design Studies & Trade-Off Analyses as a best practice in optimizing design decisions early in the product development lifecycle.

Mathcad Whitepaper - The Importance of Capturing IP in Product Development

A unique chance to learn how companies win the race-to-market by reusing vital intellectual property.

Mathcad Whitepaper: Capturing Intellectual Property within the Electronics and High Tech Industry

Discover how Mathcad can help E&HT companies improve their product development processes resulting in better products in less time.

Mathcad Whitepaper: Standardizing Engineering Calculations in a Product Development System

PTC highlights Mathcad's role as the critical communication tool to document the valuable IP behind every successfully engineered product.

Moving beyond the Limitations of Spreadsheets Whitepaper

Discover how the simultaneous design and documentation of calculations promotes engineering excellence.

Pushing the Mathematical Envelope - Case Studies in Solving Modern Civil and Structural Engineering Calculations Challenges

Like engineers in every major discipline, civil and structural engineers are facing an expanded array of mathematical challenges.

Pushing the Mathematical Envelope - Case Studies in Solving Modern Electrical Engineering Challenges

Like engineers in every major discipline, electrical engineers are facing mathematical challenges like never before.

Pushing the Mathematical Envelope - Case Studies in Solving Modern Mechanical Engineering Calculations Challenges

Like engineers in every major discipline, mechanical engineers are facing an expanded array of mathematical challenges.

Using Mathcad in: Aerospace Engineering

Why thousands of aerospace engineers have invested in Mathcad.

Using Mathcad in: Chemical Engineering

Why thousands of chemical engineers have invested in Mathcad.

Using Mathcad in: Civil, Structural and Mechanical Engineering

Why thousands of civil, structural and mechanical engineers have invested in Mathcad.

Using Mathcad in: Education Pack

Why Universities and Colleges all over the world use Mathcad in their teaching courses

Using Mathcad in: Electronics Engineering

Why thousands of electronics and electrical engineers have invested in Mathcad.

Using Mathcad in: Telecommunications

Why thousands of telecommunications engineers have invested in Mathcad.

Additional Resources


Advanced Equation Editing with Mathcad

Quickly learn how to edit complex equations and time-saving shortcuts

Mathcad 15 Functions Chart

Full list of all mathematical functions included in Mathcad and the four extension packs

Mathcad Best Practice: Requirements Flow-down Whitepaper

Requirements Flow-down is a best practice that helps engineers maintain clarity and structure while they perform decomposition of high level system requirements into functional, physical and component design requirements.

Mathcad Electronic Book - Civil Engineering Solved Problems

A series of common problems encountered in the undergraduate civil engineering curriculum.

Mathcad Electronic Book - Electrical Engineering Solved Problems

A series of common problems encountered in the undergraduate electrical engineering curriculum.

Mathcad Electronic Book - Mechanical Engineering Solved Problems

A series of common problems encountered in the undergraduate mechanical engineering curriculum.

Mathcad Equation Editing Movie

New to Mathcad? Having problems entering and editing equations? This movie illustrates the essential equation editing concepts that every Mathcad user needs.

Visual Electronmagnetics for Mathcad

Visual Electromagnetics for Mathcad is an Electronic Book specially written for use with the text Introduction to Electromagnetic Fields 3/e, 1998.



Engineering Calculations with Mathcad

Engineering calculations play a crucial role in all stages of product development, and Mathcad has been the leading engineering calculation solution for more than 20 years. In this short presentation, we'll show you why.

Mathcad 15 - New Design of Experiments Demo

Mathcad 15 demo shows how easy it is to create

Mathcad Tech Tips - Oil and Gas Industry

A video that shows examples of how Mathcad worksheets can be applied in the oil and gas industry

Roger Mansfield Customer Presentation

Roger Mansfield, Principal Engineer of Astronomical Data Service, shares how he uses Mathcad in his work as an aerospace engineer.

For the time being we are unable to offer the following product ranges although we are currently working hard to increase the number of products we can offer in the future. Please contact us to talk about alternative products that we may be able to offer you.