Demos - Current Version


CE-Wedge Demo

Demo Version of CE-Wedge, real-time serial data collection software for Windows CE handheld devices.

TCP-File Software Demo

TCP-File allows you to easily log TCP/IP data from any number of TCP/IP ports directly to disk files.

WinWedge Interactive Tutorial

This interactive tutorial introduces WinWedge serial data collection software - its uses and its benefits.

WinWedge Introduction Video

General Brochures


CE-Wedge DataSheet

Your fast route to further information about CE-Wedge

TCP-Wedge Datasheet

TCP-Wedge software communicates with any TCP/IP address directly from within any Windows program

WinWedge Brochure

WinWedge - its uses, its benefits, and includes a quick start guide.

WinWedge DataSheet

Your guide to WinWedge and WinWedge Pro - the simple solution for capturing RS232 data directly into any Windows application.

WinWedge RS232 and TCP-IP Software Brochure

Full details of the WinWedge range of real-time serial and TCP/IP data collection software.

Product Manuals


WinWedge Pro v3.0 product manual

A comprehensive user's guide to WinWedge Pro version 3.0

WinWedge Standard v1.2 product manual

Detailed user's guide to WinWedge Standard version 1.2

WinWedge Standard v3.0 product manual

A comprehensive user's guide to WinWedge Standard version 3.0

Case Studies


WinWedge Case Study 1: Developing the perfect golf ball

Find out how one golf ball manufacturer is using Winwedge to help perfect the heating and compression cycles of the polymers that make up a golf ball's centre to improve the control, distance and feel of the ball.

For the time being we are unable to offer the following product ranges although we are currently working hard to increase the number of products we can offer in the future. Please contact us to talk about alternative products that we may be able to offer you.