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Automotive Brake Testing - using WaveBook

IOtech's WaveBook dramatically cut costs on dynamic brake tests for warranty returns.

Ballistic Ejection Seat Testing - using WaveBook

IOtech's WaveBook measures acceleration, pressures, and forces in ballistic-driven mechanisms and rocket motors used on pilot ejection seats.

Chiropractic Alignment Tool Testing

IOtech's DaqBook measures and records thrust force pulses produced by a Chiropractor's impact tool, which treats joint displacements and stimulates muscle tissues.

Fire-Fighting Apparatus Testing - using DaqBook

IOtech's DaqBook uses over 100 channels to measure and analyze pressure, speed, flow and temperature on firefighting equipment to ensure that it withstands especially rough handling during emergencies.

Hydraulic Component Testing - using WaveBook

Hydraulic components for off-road vehicles have a better life when IOtech WaveBooks monitor their durability tests.

Hydraulic Motor Testing

Eaton's hydraulic motors are audited and reliability tested with IOtech DaqBooks before leaving the production line.

Liquid Chromatography Polymer Testing

DaqBooks monitor the output signals of liquid chromatographs to determine molecular weight distributions of new polymers developed in the research lab.

Load Cell & Vehicle Jack Testing

IOtech's DaqBook measures load, torque, and displacement on an automobile jack to verify that it complies with its capacity ratings and safety requirements.

Power-Grid Balance Testing - using WaveBook

IOtech's WaveBook collects the critical data that systems analysts need to create accurate models and simulators to ensure safe and reliable power-generating systems.

Prototype Wheelchair Testing

IOtech's DaqBook data acquisition systems let designers certify durability and reliability tests on wheelchairs and scooters for people with disabilities.

Pyrotechnics Device Testing - using WaveBook

IOtech's WaveBook data acquisition system is used by a manufacturer to acquire critical information during the testing of pyrotechnic devices.

Rotating-Shaft Bearing Testing

IOtech's DaqBook's modularity, accuracy, portability, and open software features give users the flexibility needed to measure a wide range of vibrations in machinery.

Slurry Pump Development - using DaqBook

IOtech's DaqBook measures and records critical heat-treating and cool-down temperatures of gigantic slurry pump castings during manufacturing and product development.

Wind Tunnel Rotor Blade Testing

Turbine compressor blades for wind tunnel testing are statically balanced using IOtech's DaqBook.

For the time being we are unable to offer the following product ranges although we are currently working hard to increase the number of products we can offer in the future. Please contact us to talk about alternative products that we may be able to offer you.