Practical workshops wet students appetite for STEM-related careers

On Thursday 14th June, our maths, simulation and control product specialists took part in a STEM Fair at Imperial War Museum, Duxford. This hands-on activity event invited over 300 secondary school and A-level students to take part in a range of practical workshops led by scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians from well known organisations such as Napp Pharmaceuticals, Mott MacDonald, Marshall Engineering, The Royal Navy, The Army and many more. Workshops covered a range of topics from robot racing and spectroscopy in a suitcase, to crane building and vehicle aerodynamics. Over the course of the day, students gained invaluable work-related learning (seeing how STEM subjects apply to the real world) and career guidance (understanding what doors STEM learning opens).

Adept’s team ran a series of mathematical modelling and control workshops, where students got to see Quanser’s Inverted Pendulum experiment in action (view a movie of the working pendulum here), then model the complete system using graphical components in MapleSim multi-domain modelling software and design a control loop that maintains the pendulum upright. Our mission was to get students excited about the endless possibilities today’s cutting-edge technical software and hardware can offer. This experiment never fails to impress and students left the workshop engaged and enthused by their practical application of physics and control theories.

Safer food while saving money – Food Safety Week 2012 theme applies to budget-stretched households & food manufacturers alike

As the Food Standards Agency (FSA) launch their Food Safety Week 2012 today, it’s not just families and households thinking about how to ensure food safety while trying to save money – indeed more and more food manufacturers are turning to our SPC software solutions developed by Northwest Analytics to help them reduce waste and cut costs while guaranteeing quality and food hygiene. Tough economic times and strict food safety standards mean there’s no room for error in food production. Our quality management and analytics software enable successful compliance with regulatory standards such as the Food Safety Modernisation Act and commercial standards such as ISO22000 and GFSI. They deliver effective systems that handle data collection, management, analytics and visibility throughout the company and supply chain.

Download our Food Industry SPC Application Pack to read how food manufacturers like Kettle Foods, rely on NWA SPC software solutions to guarantee the quality of their goods and improve productivity, while reducing waste and cutting costs.

Adept Scientific’s Cream Tea and Picnic

In the lead-up to the Diamond Jubilee long weekend, we held a cream tea and picnic at our offices in Letchworth. The weather was predictably varied, so we turned our warehouse into a Jubilee-themed café, and served up platters of traditional English finger foods and desserts, with pitchers of Pimms-like juice and cloudy lemonade.

Below are some photos from the day.
































Is your organisation doing anything to celebrate the Jubilee? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Bringing EndNote expertise to an event near you

Newcastle University’s Robinson Library held their Referencing and EndNote event last week. Adept Scientific were invited along to provide extra EndNote and EndNote Web know-how to students, staff and librarians.

Our team was kept busy answering user queries, supporting library staff, software training, circulating information and raising EndNote awareness, so it was a really useful and productive event for everyone involved.

General feedback on EndNote during the day was very positive and most people wished they’d used it sooner. So the lesson of the day is to start using EndNote from the very outset of your studies rather than waiting till the write-up stage. You’ll streamline your research, build a fuller reference collection and avoid last minute panics about dissertation deadlines. We also found that most EndNote user issues often arose from a lack of knowledge about all the different features available. That only goes to prove the importance of basic software training, which shortens the learning curve, reduces technical queries and improves productivity.

We’d like to be invited to attend more events like this. We have our own stand, an excellent range of user guides and literature, and we don’t charge for our time. If you or your colleagues are involved in setting up library resources and software events at your university, and you’d like an Adept representative to bring some expertise about the bibliographic tools we supply – whether it’s EndNote, EndNote Web or Reference Manager – please get in touch. Email or call +44 (0) 203 695 7810.

A bumper week for conferences

Adept Scientific is out and about across the country this week, attending three different academic events:

Tomorrow, our maths and simulation software specialist, Samir Khan will be showcasing the latest advances in maths teaching software to academics, teachers and PGCE students at the Mathematics Association Annual Conference, Keele University, Staffordshire.

At the same time, our biblio software product manager, Stephanie Marshall will be on hand at the Librarians’ Information Literacy Annual Conference (LILAC 2012) in Glasgow to answer questions and demonstrate EndNote, EndNote Web and Reference Manager.

Then on Thursday and Friday, we’re attending the STEM 2012 Annual Conference at Imperial College, London to show how online assessment tool, Maple T.A., offers academic institutions innovative methods to deliver effective, efficient mathematics and technical education.

If you’re attending any of these event, look out for us and come say hello!

Adept Scientific Raises Funds for Sport Relief 2012

On Friday lunchtime, some of us at Adept Scientific headed out into the hazy, summer-like day to clock a few miles for Sport Relief.  Twelve participants (11 human and 1 canine) began a 4-mile walk from the Letchworth office and headed north towards the scenic footpaths of idyllic Norton, which rewarded us with picturesque views of farmland and the surrounding countryside of Hertfordshire.



Our brisk pace was eased slightly by a quick stopover at the Three Horseshoes pub, where we convened for a cold drink before heading back to the office to eat a baked potato and tally up our donations. As Adept Scientific agreed to donate £1 per mile walked per person (or animal) doubled, we managed to raise a respectable £108 for Sport Relief. Not bad for bit of fresh air and exercise!



Click here if you’d like to see the route we took.


What have you done, or what will you be doing, to raise money for Sport Relief this year?