Data Acquisition and DASYLab Training

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This course will hep you get the most from your data acquisition hardware and DASYLab software in the shortest time possible so you can start collecting the data you need accurately, first time, every time. You’ll gain valuable skills to build effective and easily maintainable DAQ applications that you can apply again and again.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for anyone whose work involves collecting data from transducers and sensors using a notebook or desktop PC – whether you’re an engineer who needs to monitor and record signals real-time; a technician or scientist working in a research laboratory and seeking to improve data collection; or a manufacturing engineer looking for better product test solutions. Delegates will find this course provides an unbeatable introduction to PC based data acquisition and using DASYLab makes for quick and efficient software configuration so you can get results fast. You do not need prior knowledge of data acquisition hardware or software to attend this course.

During the day you will learn how to:

  • Install data acquisition hardware
  • Set-up, install and configure DASYLab software
  • Connect up transducers to monitor parameters such as temperature and displacement
  • Use DASYLab features such as scaling, chart and ‘scope displays, data reduction, data logging with alarms and data playback
  • Carry out advanced data reduction (using triggers to capture area of interest data)
  • Use analysis functions to extract results real-time
  • Save data for subsequent import and analysis in Excel and other analysis tools including SPC (Statistical Process Control)

The course is very much ‘hands-on’, which means each delegate is provided with their own PC so they can carry out the practical tasks outlined during the day.


At Adept Scientific

As an individual you could come to one of our open-house courses here at the Adept Scientific Head Quarters. Dedicate a whole day out of the office, without distractions, to improving your software knowledge.

Closer to Home

If you are an organisation with several users, we could come to your office. Or, if you don’t have training facilities onsite, we could hold the training at a venue near you. The training style and content is also up to you. To introduce a large group of new users to DASYLab, you might consider a seminar-style quick-start session, while our hands-on training is perfect for workgroups and users who need a more comprehensive understanding for everyday usage. And remember: our training can be customised to suit your needs – just ask!


Need short, one-to-one LIVE training sessions that focus on particular aspects of using DASYLab and take place in a familiar environment of your office or home? Choose from one of our Standard Modules, or book a bespoke session which could include using your own data, or tackling specific areas of DASYLab.

Please call +44 (0) 203 695 7810 for more details, or email

Discounts available for early booking & multiple delegates.

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What do our Customers say about us?

“Origin has always been one of the most powerful packages for data analysis and graphing. With the new multi-sheet workbook’s full formatting features and its ability to embed both images and graphs, OriginLab is moving a big step forward. From raw data to final professional report creation, you can now keep all the stages of data processing in a single software.”

Antoine Couturier, Ph.D. - Service Recherche, Institut National du Sport, de l'Expertise et de la Performance

Fantastic tips and tricks. Brilliant presenter and delivery

Very happy with the service. Very professional staff and always helpful.

UO, Athlone, Ireland

I have to thank you again for your help. The support level you have given gives me good confidence in using the product, knowing that there are solutions to problems that are not necessarily easy (or economic) for you to implement, but give the customer a working solution.

CW, Cheltenham, UK

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