Delphin: Intrepid Industrial DAQ

Kuruye Alele-Wokoma,
Data Acquisition Specialist

Read how daring Delphin DAQ systems are boldly going where no man is mad enough to go!

Data acquisition isn’t just limited to the laboratory or workbench. More and more, sensor measurement and data logging take place in some unusual, risky or hard-to-reach locations. Consequently, there’s increased demand for stand-alone, tough and intelligent hardware and software DAQ solutions that get on with the job unattended and don’t rely on delicate PCs to function.

Adept Scientific offer a range of industrial measurement systems from Delphin Technology which are ideally suited to these kinds of challenging applications. Indeed Delphin’s daredevil DAQ devices are currently at work in a range of interesting and often dangerous environments.

For example, gas dehydration plants aren’t the safest places to be, so engineers leave the job of acquiring and logging production data to a sturdy, standalone Delphin data logging system housed in an explosion-proof box (just in case!). The data logger is interfaced via Ethernet (LAN) to a UMTS router to provide the control room with 24-hour remote access to recorded data. A similarly resilient system is also used to monitor the valves that control the flow of tar sand into different cooking towers at an oil sand refinery. Data is again transferred wirelessly via Ethernet to a safely situated central control room for analysis and assessment using Delphin’s ProfiSignal software to determine whether the valves are working properly or require maintenance.

As well as surviving high temperatures and the risk of explosion, Delphin data loggers have also found their way into final underground storage facilities for radioactive waste, enabling automated standalone condition monitoring and high security data transfer for above-ground visualisation via Ethernet. A special SMS router alerts technicians about measurement or system issues via their mobile phones without risk of sending sensitive data. Because data must be saved 24-7, even if there’s a power outage, the system is able to run for more than 6 hours on battery back-up until alerted technicians can resolve the problem.

Find out more about these and other usage scenarios by downloading a copy of the latest Delphin Applications Guide, or visit the Delphin home page.

DAQ with lightning reflexes
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