ChemBioOffice: A makeover for world’s No.1 chemistry/biology software

Elaine Didd,
Software Specialist

Learn how the latest incarnations of PerkinElmer’s powerhouse laboratory informatics tools will boost your productivity and enhance decision making.

Just before this issue of TCM went to press, PerkinElmer announced a brand-new version of their market-leading chemical information software, ChemBioOffice Ultra 13 – and it’s a corker! It combines updated versions of such key chemistry and biology tools as ChemBioDraw, with its scientifically intelligent capabilities for drawing chemical structures and biological pathways, and ChemBio3D for molecular modelling and exploration, with a wealth of new and improved functionality.

ChemBioDraw 13 (also available separately) lets you create publication-ready drawings of chemical structures, peptide and nucleotide sequences, cells and pathways. New to version 13 are a biopolymer toolbar including D- and L-amino acids, beta amino acids, DNA, RNA, protecting groups and linkers; calculators for pKa, LogD and LogS giving you the ability to explore bioavailability properties; and a new tool for drawing gel electrophoresis plates. This new version also gives you the ability to paste peptide, DNA and RNA sequences from external sources and have them interpreted chemically with sequence wrapping and shaping.

Meanwhile ChemBio3D 13 boasts new tools that let you set up AutoDock runs for flexible ligand docking and fit, and CONFLEX® runs for conformational analysis and detection of minimum energy conformers.

ChemBioOffice Ultra 13 also incorporates a powerful database management and search utility, an electronic lab notebook and an inventory management application. There are tools for you to accurately predict proton and 13C NMR spectra, calculate physical properties and stoichiometry data, add chemically intelligent capabilities to Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets, and much more. New collaborative features include cloud storage to save, share and import structures, reactions and drawings.

With this launch, PerkinElmer has rationalised its product range by incorporating a number of products, previously available separately, into ChemBioOffice 13. These include ChemOffice, BioOffice, ChemDraw, BioDraw, ChemDraw/Excel Pro, ChemNMR,
E-Notebook and Inventory, as well as online database subscriptions – although for those customers who don’t have need for biology tools, there are standalone version 13 editions of ChemOffice and ChemDraw.

Delivering all the tools you need to keep track of your work, visualise and gain a deeper understanding of your results and correlate biological activity with chemical structures, new ChemBioOffice Ultra 13 takes laboratory informatics to a whole new level of usefulness.

Download the latest product brochure for detailed information about the new features and how they’ll benefit your next discovery project, or visit the ChemBioOffice home page.

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