Measurement Computing: Functionally Equivalent DAQ for Less

Tough economic times call for careful budgeting. With Measurement Computing (MCC), you can cut the cost of your test and measurement systems without compromising on quality or capability.

MCC has developed a series of multifunction boards that offer the same high performance as National Instruments’ popular PCI-6000 range, but at a considerably lower price – in some cases around 50% cheaper. Not only does this provide a significantly more affordable DAQ solution for projects with limited funds, but in instances where customers are using NI boards which are reaching end of life or being discontinued, it offers a direct and simple replacement.

The MCC PCI-DAS 6000 series comprises fifteen boards, including nine 16-bit resolution analogue input/multifunction boards and six 12-bit AI/MIO boards. These boards connect to a range of termination and external signal conditioning options including screw terminal boards, signal connection boxes, and isolation, electromechanical relay and solid-state relay racks.

Let’s take a look at the MCC functional equivalent to NI’s popular PCI-6025board.

Like its big-brand brother, MCC’s PCI-DAS 6025 offers 16 channels at a resolution of 12 bits with a maximum sample rate of 200kS/s. Two 12-bit proportional control outputs can be updated at rates of 10kS/s per channel. 32digital I/O lines can control relays and solenoids and monitor switch and contact closures. Need fewer digital I/O (eight) and two dual analogue outputs with higher 16-bit resolution? MCC’s PCI-DAS6036 should fit the bill. Adept Scientific’s best-selling PCI board is the PCI-DAS6070,which delivers similar AI/MIO specifications but with a greater input sample rate up to 1.25MS/s and two 12-bit dual analogue outputs that can be updated at rates to 1MHz per channel.

What’s more, all boards come with TracerDAQ software for acquiring and displaying data and generating signals, InstaCal software for installation, calibration and testing plus comprehensive drivers for DASYLab and NI LabVIEWTM. They also provide support for Visual Studio and Visual Studio.NET, and the MATLAB Data Acquisition ToolboxTM. The PCI-DAS 6000 series provides high-quality, reliable solutions that are backed by lifetime warranties and a harsh environment program unique in the industry. They can be used to automate experiments, construct product test stands, monitor and control production equipment or be embedded into products such as airport security systems and jet fighter test simulators.

With these purse-friendly products, MCC is continuing their tradition of offering more performance and more value to DAQ customers, and giving them a considerable cost advantage over comparable modules from other vendors. Download the latest Measurement Computing Product Catalogue to find out about these PCI boards and more.

Elizabeth Northrop
Technical Specialist

Download the Measurement Computing (MCC) Product Guide, or visit the MCC home page.

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