Six of the best

Adept Scientific software sweeps the board at the 2007 Scientific Computing Reader’s Choice Awards.

The recent Scientific Computing Reader’s Choice Awards confirmed that Adept Scientific (Letchworth, Herts) supplies the best computer software products available with six of their suppliers winning awards.

Three Gold Awards went to:
The Chemistry Reader’s Choice Gold Award was won by ChemOffice Ultra
The Spectroscopy Readers Choice Gold Award was won by GRAMS
The Statistical Analysis Reader’s Choice Gold Award was won by NWA Quality Analyst;

Two Silver Awards went to:
The Bioinformatics Reader’s Choice Silver Award was won by Kinetica
The Data Acquisition Reader’s Choice Silver Award was won by Measurement Studio;

and one Bronze Award went to:
The Mathematics Reader’s Choice Bronze Award was won by Maple.

Paul Bragg, Managing Director of Adept, said: “We’re always pleased when our software products win reader awards – it’s tangible proof that our software really ‘hits the spot’ when it comes to fulfilling our users needs. So we were particularly delighted to discover that six of our popular software tools managed to pick up accolades in the 2007 Scientific Computing Reader’s Choice Awards”.

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Thermo Electron appoints Adept Scientific to supply and support Kinetica

Thermo Electron has appointed Adept Scientific to supply and support its powerful industry-standard pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic application, Kinetica, in the UK and Ireland, Germany and the Nordic countries. With an intuitive point-and-click graphical interface, Kinetica offers fast, high-throughput data analysis and reporting for clinical, pre-clinical, discovery, drug metabolism and drug delivery studies.

Kinetica provides a broad collection of tools to meet the needs of scientists engaged in various disciplines, from bioanalytical laboratory to clinical trials, facilitating data analysis and reporting in a flexible, easy-to-learn environment. A unique non-compartmental assistant technology offers the best in high-throughput data analysis. Import your data or create datasets, select and tailor your computational methodologies, view your data with dynamic graphical tools, view individual and study results in an organised way, export your result through the seamless interface to other software.

Designed as a template-driven system, Kinetica allows you to create predefined templates and analysis settings. The template format allows high-throughput analysis and customised automation to standardise analyses based on company standard operating procedure and guidelines; the same format can be applied to any other studies – thereby offering standardisation across your organisation. The advantages are high consistency between analyses and between users, time savings in not having to put efforts in validating each user’s analysis, and version control between analyses of the same study.

Built as a single solution for non-compartmental, standard compartmental, population pharmacokinetic analyses, bioequivalence, graphing and reporting, Kinetica again saves you time transferring and formatting data.

Non-compartmental Analysis (NCA)
The innovative NCA assistant allows rapid view of the analysis via a graphical point-and-click interface. Kinetica recognises flagged data for below limit of quantification, outlier, error and missing to allow users to specify the handling of flagged data during the analysis without sacrificing the data themselves.

Unit Management
With a powerful unit management tool, users can specify the output pharmacokinetic parameter units as well as input time and concentration units from an extensive list of measurement units. Versatile unit conversions are built into the tool for molar conversion.

Data Exchange and Storage
Kinetica gives you the simple single file storage so you no longer need to save your analysis into many separate files. All data and analysis information is stored in a single file, including method information, algorithms, graphs and reporting set-up. The Import Assistant provides an easy import of row- and column-based data from Microsoft Excel, ASCII files and direct ODBC-compliant data sources. In addition, your data and analysis results can be exported to ASCII, Microsoft Word or Excel.

The Table Assistant comes with predefined table structures for all your reporting needs. Table structure templates include preclinical, clinical, toxicokinetic, sparse study designs. The tool allows you to preset the number of significant digits or decimal points for your data and results.

Data Analysis
Kinetica includes more than 60 different validated templates and comes with an extensive library of data analysis methods. The Kinetica Basic scripting language is a subset of Microsoft Visual Basic Applications that allows user to build custom workflow, analysis settings, data import, data handling and reporting.

Full details of Kinetica and contact information for all Adept Scientific international offices are available at; or telephone +44 (0) 203 695 7810.

With offices in the UK, USA, Germany and throughout the Nordic region, Adept Scientific is one of the world’s leading suppliers of software and hardware products for research, scientific, engineering and technical applications on desktop computers.

For the time being we are unable to offer the following product ranges although we are currently working hard to increase the number of products we can offer in the future. Please contact us to talk about alternative products that we may be able to offer you.