Six of the best

Adept Scientific software sweeps the board at the 2007 Scientific Computing Reader’s Choice Awards.

The recent Scientific Computing Reader’s Choice Awards confirmed that Adept Scientific (Letchworth, Herts) supplies the best computer software products available with six of their suppliers winning awards.

Three Gold Awards went to:
The Chemistry Reader’s Choice Gold Award was won by ChemOffice Ultra
The Spectroscopy Readers Choice Gold Award was won by GRAMS
The Statistical Analysis Reader’s Choice Gold Award was won by NWA Quality Analyst;

Two Silver Awards went to:
The Bioinformatics Reader’s Choice Silver Award was won by Kinetica
The Data Acquisition Reader’s Choice Silver Award was won by Measurement Studio;

and one Bronze Award went to:
The Mathematics Reader’s Choice Bronze Award was won by Maple.

Paul Bragg, Managing Director of Adept, said: “We’re always pleased when our software products win reader awards – it’s tangible proof that our software really ‘hits the spot’ when it comes to fulfilling our users needs. So we were particularly delighted to discover that six of our popular software tools managed to pick up accolades in the 2007 Scientific Computing Reader’s Choice Awards”.

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Introducing ChemOffice Ultra 2006

Adept Scientific is pleased to announce the release of CambridgeSoft’s ChemOffice Ultra 2006, which transforms your PC into a chemical and biological publishing, modelling, and database workstation. ChemOffice Ultra 2006 is CambridgeSoft’s premier desktop application suite. This release includes an impressive variety of new functionality geared towards the needs of the modern life scientist. It allows scientists to efficiently keep track of their work, gain a deeper understanding of their data, correlate biological activity with chemical structures, and to produce scientific reports more professionally and efficiently than ever before.

What’s New in ChemOffice Ultra 2006?
The core applications of the ChemOffice Ultra suite are ChemDraw Ultra and BioDraw Ultra for drawing and analysis, Chem & Bio 3D Ultra for modelling and visualisation, and ChemFinder Ultra for creating and searching chemical relational databases. These applications have all been significantly updated in the new version. Desktop versions of BioAssay Ultra, Inventory Ultra and E-Notebook Ultra are also included in ChemOffice Ultra.

These applications are designed to deliver the core functionality of CambridgeSoft’s enterprise level applications to chemists at their desktops. They use the Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Edition (MSDE), a desktop level version of SQL Server as the database backend. Using MSDE as the desktop database, users are given the opportunity to organise, store, and search over data right from their desktop.

Chemical & Biological Drawing
ChemDraw is the industry standard for efficient and accurate chemical structure drawing. In this latest release, several exciting new features have been added. ChemDraw users now have the ability to flexibly define relative stereochemistry as well as a number of other ISIS/Draw compatibility features.

BioDraw provides a drawing tool for biological pathways. It includes common pathway elements (membranes, DNA, enzymes, receptors, etc.) which are built in and the ability to import other elements. BioDraw also includes a new pallet of flexible arrow tools. You can now completely customise arrows and arrowheads for use in complex biological pathway drawings.

3D Modelling and Visualisation
Chem & Bio 3D provide affordable building, visualisation, and computation tools on the desktop. Chem & Bio 3D can be used to display many types of molecular surfaces and molecular orbitals. In the 2006 release, these visualisation capabilities have been extended to include the ability to automatically display hydrogen bonds in 3D as well as group labels for groups such as amino acid residues in the 3D view. In the new version, you can also generate and display partial surfaces for protein active sites.

Database Searching
ChemFinder Ultra allows for the organisation and storing of structures and data from various sources and has the ability to calculate chemical properties for the structures in the database.

Countless improvements have been made to ChemFinder Ultra, including new form capabilities – such as the ability to display many types of picture formats within a form. Several new searching options have been added, such as queries with multiple R groups and the ability to ignore sales and solvents in a search. Also new in the 2006 release is the ability to merge lists by Drag-and-drop. Just drag one hitlist onto another and the list merge dialogue comes up allowing you to choose the logic: intersection, union, difference, etc.

Electronic Lab Journal
E-Notebook Ultra provides an easy-to-use interface designed to replace a paper laboratory notebook. A number of enhancements have been made to the reaction section of the E-Notebook, including the ability to represent a compound in a salt or hydrated form in the Stoichiometry Grid and the ability to select from a pre-defined list of solvents when adding solvents to your reaction.

Chemical Inventory Management
Inventory Ultra allows users to manage their chemical and non-chemical inventory data. Inventory is a complete desktop tool which provides an electronic representation of your site’s physical inventory and a desktop tool for sourcing and purchasing. Users can easily create, edit, move and delete containers, and the cascading location model allows support of locations as general or specific as is desired.

Biological Data Analysis
BioAssay Ultra provides the desktop data storage and visualisation for both high and low throughput screening biologists. BioAssay Ultra supports the quick set-up of biological models. BioViz Ultra allows users to graphically identify trends and correlate biological activity with chemical structures. New for 2006, BioViz has statistical analysis and a wide variety of flexible options for plotting. BioViz transforms database information into easy to understand graphics, allowing users to discern structure-activity relationships more easily.

NMR Processing & Analysis
Also included in the 2006 release of ChemOffice Ultra is a copy of MestReC Std, a state of the art application for the offline processing and analysis of experimental NMR data.

ChemOffice Ultra 2006 offers an impressive, comprehensive suite of programs designed to allow scientists to easily produce, store and share chemical and biological information, making these software packages the ideal, integrated solutions for escalating insight and efficiency in all scientific settings.

Full details of the CambridgeSoft range of software tools and contact information for all Adept Scientific international offices are available at; or telephone +44 (0) 203 695 7810.

With offices in the UK, USA, Germany and throughout the Nordic region, Adept Scientific is one of the world’s leading suppliers of software and hardware products for research, scientific, engineering and technical applications on desktop computers.

For the time being we are unable to offer the following product ranges although we are currently working hard to increase the number of products we can offer in the future. Please contact us to talk about alternative products that we may be able to offer you.