Introducing the ultimate software suite for Life Sciences: ChemBioOffice 2008

Adept Scientific (Letchworth, Herts) is pleased to announce the immediate availability of ChemBioOffice 2008 from CambridgeSoft Corporation’s full suite of integrated scientific desktop applications. ChemBioOffice is designed to aid individual chemists and biologists at their desktops and provide a shared solution to benefit scientists within an institution.

“The ChemBioOffice desktop suite is designed to enhance the overall effectiveness of the institution by lowering costs and improving innovative participation in, and achievement of, shared goals across the organisation”, said Michael G. Tomasic, Chairman and CEO of CambridgeSoft.

Remaining at the heart of ChemBioOffice 2008 are the three core applications – ChemBioDraw, ChemBio3D and ChemBioViz. The collection also includes desktop versions of CambridgeSoft’s Enterprise applications: E-Notebook, BioAssay, Inventory and access to a number of important online databases such as ChemACX (for up-to-date product information from chemical vendors) and the ChemIndex compound reference database.

ChemBioDraw provides high quality structural drawing, analysis and querying for chemists and offers biologists their own first-class tools for drawing and annotating biological pathways. With integration a key objective, ChemDraw and BioDraw documents use the same native file formats to ensure information is seamlessly communicated between different teams of scientists and easily exported for use in presentations and publications.

ChemBio3D provides molecular modelling and eye-catching graphical visualisation of small molecules and proteins involved in chemical and biological processes. For macromolecules ChemBio3D can render cartoon depictions of proteins and nucleic acids making it possible to carry out state-of-the-art protein visualisation on the desktop and provides interfaces to GAMESS, Gaussian, Schrödinger’s Jaguar and the latest MOPAC.

ChemBioViz with ChemFinder provides a visualisation tool to correlate chemical data with biological activity. Features include descriptive statistical results which are shown on plots and Compound Profiles – a way of visually comparing and ranking structures based on values of selected properties.

Tying these applications together is ChemBioScript, a new chemical Python extension language from CambridgeSoft, which provides a set of classes and methods for working with atoms, bonds and the other properties of molecules, reactions and 3D models.

And More…
In addition to the three core applications, ChemBioOffice 2008 also offers a number of other new and updated components to the suite. E-Notebook Ultra, BioAssay Ultra and Inventory Ultra are designed to deliver much of the functionality of CambridgeSoft’s enterprise level applications of these products to individual scientists at their desktops.

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