SPC Software

Analytical software for all aspects of understanding and controlling processes, and improving quality - from shop floor data collection, to detailed analyses and information management.


Quality Analyst ›

NWA Quality Analyst® is a comprehensive statistical process control (SPC) software package for charting and analysis. It's used to analyse plant data and turn it into valuable, actionable information that supports process management, continuous process improvement and Six Sigma programs. It's so easy-to-use, even beginners can rapidly begin to produce useful SPC charts in just a few clicks!

Quality Information System ›

NWA's Quality Information System provides a complete, configurable solution to help you save time and effort managing and improving your processes, meet customer and regulatory requirements, while making better, more timely decisions. QIS functionality includes data collection, data management, quality analytics, real-time SPC alarming and reporting.


NWA Focus EMI - Leading operations require the real-time analysis of data from any and all processes in order to react with quick, educated decisions to reduce costs, increase yields and improve quality. This makes EMI one of the market’s top requirements.

Quality Analyst Web Server ›

With NWA Quality Analyst Web Server, you can instantly distribute your most current SPC charts to anyone, anywhere with a Web browser. Up-to-the-minute, standardised SPC reports can be distributed worldwide - to everyone in your company or supply chain, and customers too, bridging the gap between remote locations and enabling faster, more informed and consistent decision-making.

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