NVivo for Windows

NVivo 11 for Windows supports the widest range of data sources and offers the most advanced analysis tools in qualitative research software. Collect and organize data. Then analyze, visualize and share. You’ll find smarter insights and make better decisions with NVivo.

NVivo 11 for Windows brings exciting new flexibility and functionality to qualitative software with the introduction of editions.

Whether you’re new to research and have simpler needs, or are seeking the latest in automation tools, there’s an edition of NVivo 11 for Windows to suit you. If your needs change over time, simply upgrade your edition from within NVivo.


What´s the news in Update 4

Manage your coding with codebook
This latest update lets you see a list all of your nodes and their descriptions. This way, you can review how your research is progressing, review early themes and evaluate your analysis.

Export a summary of your coding structure to Microsoft Word or Excel so that you can share it with others.


You can show nodes and sub-nodes within your project, their descriptions, a count of the coding references and the number of sources coded so that you can discuss and align coding practices with your team members or describe your coding methods with your supervisor.

Keep the codebook by your side as you code the source materials. This way you will remember your Nodes and never waste time wondering which node to use.

Explore your coding at the click of a button
When you’re looking at your nodes, get direct access to word clouds, charts and queries to explore your coding at the click of a button.

Now you can:

  • See if there is overlap with other themes.
  • Find the most common words people are using to describe this theme.
  • See what the broader context is.
  • Find any commonalities or differences between the people who mention this theme.

Simply open a node and select an option from the Node tab:

Explore Coding

Edit and produce high resolution charts
Thanks to your feedback, we’ve made charts even easier to work with. Whether it’s reviewing the coding in an interview or checking the demographic spread of research participants – charts give you a visual way to explore your data.

From a centralized Chart ribbon, you can now change the format and edit charts. You can also export charts at a higher resolution – so they look even better in reports and presentations.


What´s new in Update 3?

Research on-the-go with NVivo and OneNote
OneNote Online is an invaluable tool for taking notes, keeping to-do lists, recording interviews, and taking photos – whether you’re at your desk or out in the field.

Now, with the latest update to NVivo, you can easily connect to your Microsoft account and import the notes you want to work with into NVivo 11 for Windows.

Watch this short video to see how it works:

Intuitive ways to code helps to make analysis easier
Coding is a fundamental task in NVivo – it helps you to generate new ideas from the data and gather material by topic.

Based on feedback from our NVivo community, we’ve simplified the process so that you can

  • Easily find coding options on the ribbon and right-click menu
  • Code at new or existing nodes with fewer clicks

See these improvements in action.

What’s new in Update 2?

Streamlined survey imports

  • Faster Insights
    Use the Survey Import Wizard to move from survey import to querying and visualizing in a few clicks – that means less time setting-up and more time uncovering gems.
  • Edit after Import
    It’s tricky to get your survey results into perfect working order before import into NVivo – after all, you’re excited and itching to get started.
    That’s why this update offers you the ability to make changes after import. For example, you can edit the wording of your questions or move columns around.
  • Ready, Set, Qualtrics
    Qualtrics is one of the market-leaders in online surveys. Use your Qualtrics account to bring your survey results directly into NVivo for analysis.

Visualize the results of automated insights analysis straight away

  • Auto code material as you import
    If you’re using NVivo 11 Plus for Windows there’s even more to get excited about. The import wizard can automatically code themes and sentiment in your open-ended survey responses.
  • Visualize automated theme and sentiment coding
    NVivo 11 Plus for Windows now gives you a new way to explore automated insights. If you’ve coded your material by theme or sentiment – you can see the results in a hierarchical chart. For example, take a look at a hierarchy chart based on sentiment analysis – you can quickly see the dominant sentiment (positive, negative or neutral) for each question in your survey.
  • Automated Insights just got smarter
    NVivo Plus can find and automatically code the themes in your research material and, if you’re working in English, the latest update streamlines the process even further. NVivo will now merge sub-themes with stemmed forms (catching fish, fish catching, catch fish) so that you end-up with a tidy, more manageable list of themes.

Read the news in Update 2 in detail here

What’s new in Update 1?

Work with new data sources, gain fresh perspectives and get better results faster.

  • Discover new insight in your overflowing inbox by quickly and easily importing and analyzing emails within NVivo (NVivo 11 Pro for Windows and NVivo 11 Plus for Windows)
  • Get fresh perspective on your data with new and improved hierarchical charts (NVivo 11 Pro for Windows and NVivo 11 Plus for Windows)
  • Get even better results, faster with improvements to automated insights. You’ll be able to fine tune your analysis down to a single question within a survey, or focus only on the responses from interview transcripts. Exclude what’s irrelevant so you get more valuable results in minutes, not months. (NVivo 11 Plus for Windows)
  • NVivo 11 is now available in six new languages (French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese)

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