NVivo for Mac

Built specifically for Mac users by dedicated Mac developers, NVivo for Mac is the best native Mac application for qualitative data analysis. If you’re a Mac person who needs to find insight in qualitative data, try NVivo for Mac – the advanced, feature rich, qualitative data analysis software, for Mac people.

No matter what material you use, whatever your project or background – NVivo allows you to explore, analyse and glean insight from your information like never before.

What´s the news in Update 4

Collect your notes, organize your literature review and enrich your analysis with the latest update to NVivo for Mac.

In a nutshell, the update lets you:

  • Streamline your literature reviews with new support for reference management tools; Mendeley, Zotero and RefWorks
  • Use intuitive coding tools to identify themes
  • Compare and explore your data visually with new comparison diagrams
  • Work on-the-go with a seamless connection to OneNote Online

Read more about the details in this update: http://www.qsrinternational.com/blog/new-nvivo-updates-are-here#sthash.6aWwf4cZ.dpuf


What´s the news in Update 3

Printing in NVivo for Mac

Keen to share your work with peers, team mates or supervisors?
You can now:

  • Print your text sources with coding stripes, nodes, cases, maps and diagrams.
  • Print node reference view with coding stripes and highlighting.
  • Print visualizations.

Read more at the NVivo Blog: http://www.qsrinternational.com/blog/nvivo-for-mac-just-got-even-better


What’s new in Update 2?

NVivo for Mac is continuing to evolve at a steady pace and the next update brings some seriously useful visualizations as well as support for more languages.

New visualizations

  • Brainstorm and think creatively
    Fire-up your right brain and think creatively with the new mind maps.  Whether you’re capturing early thoughts or consolidating themes, a mind map can help you to step back from the textual data and let your visual side take over.
  • Be guided by your intuition
    Explore diagrams help you to follow hunches and track connections between the people, themes and sources in your project.
  • Spot trends and liven-up presentations
    You can use hierarchy charts to get a holistic view of your data from different angles. For example, just by clicking on Hierarchy Chart in the ribbon, you can get a feel for the dominant themes in your project

Work in more languages

  • If you’ve been looking forward to working with a French, German or Spanish (Mexico) interface – then your wait is over.
  • With this update you can change the interface setting (via your Mac system preferences) and work in your chosen language.

Read the news in Update 2 in detail

What’s new in Update 1?

Collaborate together on a project and improve your literature reviews with Endnote

Team collaboration with NVivo for Mac

  • Deliver results faster by copying the master project so that team members can work on individual copies of the project at the same time. When you’re ready, bring everyone’s work together by merging projects.
  • Monitor team members’ work to keep track of progress and direction.
  • Use coding comparison queries to compare coding across team members’ work to ensure they’re working consistently. This helps prove the validity of your research, aiding in editorial reviews and publications.
  • Use color to visually distinguish items to keep track, add emphasis and organize.

EndNote support

  • It’s easier to manage and query your bibliographic data, notes and articles with simple imports from EndNote to NVivo for Mac.
  • Combine the specialized functionality of EndNote, with NVivo’s advanced querying, grouping and analysis tools so you can ask more questions of your data. Importing information like bibliographies and articles from EndNote to NVivo means you can query the literature in finer detail and deliver more robust papers.


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When working with many data points, graphing is often the quickest way to qualify data and identify trends. With the Origin statistics gadget, it’s also easy to pull quantitative information, such as mean and standard deviation, straight from a data plot. This lets me make better decisions about which data to select for more detailed analysis.

Boaz Vilozny - Postdoctoral Researcher, University of California at Santa Cruz

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