NVivo for Mac Overview

More power for NVivo 12 Mac

Easier to learn and use
Get started on your analysis straight away with improved loading times for your project, and project items. Say goodbye to toe-tapping while you wait for your project to load.

Thanks to clearer links between the descriptive information about sources, people or places, classifications are now more intuitive to use and you can more easily see relationships in your data.

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Share progress in a snap
Create a codebook to document your codes and their descriptions, ensuring coding consistency for you or your team. Then in just a few clicks export your codebook to share, allowing others to easily review your progress and structure.


Automatically create a codebook based on your codes and their descriptions, ensuring coding consistency for you or your team. Then in just a few clicks export your codebook to share, allowing others to easily review your progress and structure.

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See patterns and correlations in charts
Generate charts to visually present and explore a summary of your coding. Easily drill down into your data, format the chart and export to share findings. You can use charts to answer questions like, “Which files are most coded to Habitat?”.


Code your way
Use new region coding to code your PDF based data. So, you can import scanned newspapers, scripts and other data and then code any part of the PDF, like charts, handwritten notes and tables. Then query your region coding and incorporate it into visualizations.

Region Coding

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Ask questions of your data

Use queries to ask complex questions and identify new meaning in your data. Test ideas, explore patterns and see connections between themes, topics, people and places. Look for emerging themes, find words and discover concepts using text search and word frequency queries.

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Visualize your research

Visualize your data with the most comprehensive range of visualizations: charts, mind maps, word clouds, explore, comparison diagrams and many more. When you’re ready to share your findings, it’s easy to export your visualizations into reports and presentations.

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Enhanced support for mixed methods
Access new features and functionality that will help you easily cross tabulate data and visualize the results, and exchange data with a direct integration with SPSS.


Use crosstabs to analyze themes by one or two attributes – like age or occupation – or by cases for enhanced mixed methods research. Totals are automatically calculated and the results can be saved as a SPSS file (.sav) for further statistical analysis.

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