Mathcad Wavelets Extension Pack – Mathcad Add-On

Add powerful families of wavelet functions, apply sophisticated wavelets techniques to your signal and image analysis and get greater accuracy and clarity in results


Wavelets comes with extensive interactive documentation on wavelet fundamentals, applications, examples and reference tables.
One-Dimensional (1D) Wavelets: Creating 1D Wavelets. Discrete Wavelet Transforms. The 1D Wavelet Approximation. Multi resolution Analysis
Two-Dimensional (2D) Wavelets: Creating 2D Wavelets. Discrete Wavelet Transforms. The 2D Wavelet Approximation. Multi resolution Analysis.
Wavelet Packet Analysis: Wavelet Packet Transforms. Wavelet Packet Bases. The Best Basis Algorithm, Inverse Wavelet Packet Transforms.
Local Cosine Analysis: Discrete Cosine Transforms. Local Cosine Transforms. Tapers for Local Cosine Analysis.

Examples and Applications: Non-Parametric Signal Denoising. Signal and Image Compression Using Wavelets. Fractional Brownian Motion. Fingerprint Identification. Time-Frequency Analysis. Transform Coding of an MRI.
Reference Files: Listing of Available Functions. Wavelet Filters. User-Defined Wavelet Filters. One-Dimensional  Wavelet Interpolation. Two-Dimensional Wavelet Interpolation. Function Evaluation on Basis. Function Evaluation on Tables. Subband Insertion. Subband Extraction.
Appendices: Wavelet Families. Test Signals and Other Useful Functions. Additional Wavelet Functions. Bibliography.

The Wavelets Extension Pack lets you take a new approach to signal and image analysis, time series analysis, statistical signal estimation, data compression analysis, and special numerical methods. Create an almost limitless number of functions that duplicate any natural or abstract environment. Functionality includes one- and two-dimensional wavelets, discrete wavelet transforms, multi resolution analysis, and more.

  • Wavelet analysis results in greater accuracy and clarity. New wavelets field offers more sophisticated methods than those used conventionally, such as FFTs. View and explore details in data or signals that other techniques miss, destroy, or lose.
  • Extensive functionality supports basic and advanced applications. The Wavelets Extension Pack integrates over 60 key wavelets functions, rivalling similar tools by MATLAB and Mathematica ¬≠ at a more affordable price. Extensive coverage includes Orthogonal and Biorthogonal wavelet families including Haar, Daubelts, Symmlets, Coiflets and Bspline.
  • Popular Mathcad interface provides best ease-of-use and fast application. Mathcad’s versatile environment is ideal for wavelets experimentation and performance of what-if scenarios. Plus, Wavelets Extension Pack’s superior integration with Mathcad and other add-on tools (including Signal Processing and Image Processing Extension Packs) gives you more power than ever. Also get extensive interactive documentation on wavelet fundamentals, applications, examples and reference tables.

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