Mathcad Best Practice -Teaching with Mathcad

Investigate various “best practices” for teaching with Mathcad to help you make the most of Mathcad as a platform for teaching, learning, research, and documentation.

    • Using Mathcad for Problem Solving
      Browse the Web Library and other resources for Mathcad files that explore various topics in engineering, math, and science problem solving.

Learn techniques for saving time in Mathcad, such as:

    • Using Mathcad templates to create customised worksheets.
    • Learning formatting shortcuts to clean up documents.
    • Exploring Help, the Mathcad Web Library, and other resources.

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Both days were time and money well spent

PA, Glenrothes, UK

Thank you very much for all of the help that you and your colleagues have provided! I really appreciate the quick response to my email. I was worried my email wouldn’t be addressed, but I see that your company really cares about going above and beyond the expectations of the user.

JD, Denver, USA

Your website is hugely informative and a pleasure to visit. Frankly I wouldn’t dream of buying technical software from anyone else.

NR, Inverness, UK

Took me from a complete beginner to a user in very easy steps.

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