Mathcad Add-Ons: Signal Processing Extension Pack


The Signal Processing Extension Pack provides a powerful design solution for iterative exploration and investigative analysis. Complete with extensive signal processing, analysis, and visualization capabilities, this Extension Pack is ideal for electrical design, DSP, audio, recording, and research engineers. It is also valuable for other engineers and scientists involved in a broad range of signal processing applications, in industries such as telecommunications, test and instrumentation, manufacturing, defense, control systems, home entertainment, medicine, and more. Students of electrical engineering will also enjoy the benefits of signal processing functions.

This robust Mathcad add-on tool provides a total of over 70 built-in signal processing functions. Among the highlights of this new version is added functionality in signal filtering, spectral analysis, time-frequency analysis, and spectral estimation. In addition, new Visual Basic application examples illustrate how to use Visual Basic scripting with Mathcad for signal processing applications. The Extension Pack also gives you full support for multichannel and complex signals, and provides Window arguments for all filtering signals. And because the Extension Pack becomes part of your Mathcad desktop, you can use it to create publication-quality technical documents, graphs and presentations.


  • Analog and Digital Signals and System Analysis
  • Audio WAVE files (New!)
  • Convolution and Correlation
  • FFT and IFFT Fast Fourier Transforms and Inverses
  • FIR and IRR Filter Design
  • Harlety, Walsh, and Hilbert Transforms
  • Joint Time-Frequency Analysis
  • Lowpass Filtering
  • Signal Filtering (More!)
    • Filtfilt function
    • Multirate function
    • Median filtering
  • Spectral Analysis (More!)
    • Real and complex cepstrum
    • New signal windowing functions
    • MUSIC method for spectrum estimation
  • Time Frequency Analysis (New!)
    • Short-time Fourier transform
    • Common BTFRs
  • Time-dependent autocorrelation
  • Time Series Analysis


Section 1 – Signals

  • About Mathcad Electronic Books
  • Introduction to Image Processing in Mathcad
  • Reading and Writing Images
  • The Mathcad Image Viewer

Section 2 – Fast Fourier Transform

  • FFTs: An Introduction
  • The Forward Transformation CFFT
  • The Inverse Transformation ICFFT
  • FFT and IFFT
  • Lower-Case FFT Functions
  • Lowpass Filtering Using the FFT
  • Filtering vs. Exponential Smoothing
  • Filtering an Image

Section 3 – Spectral Analysis

  • Signal Windowing
  • Spectral Analysis
  • Cepstrum Function
  • Recenter Function
  • The Chirp z-Transform
  • MUSIC Method for Spectral Estimation

Section 4 – Digital Filtering

  • Filter Gain
  • Time Response of Digital Filters
  • FIR Filter Design
  • FIR Filters by Remez Exchange
  • IIR Filter Design
  • Zero-Phase Filtering
  • Group Delay
  • Interpolation and Resampling

Section 5 – Time Series Analysis

  • Smoothing
  • Linear Detrending
  • Linear Prediction Methods
  • Correlation and Partial Autocorrelation

Section 6 – Additional Transforms

  • The Hartley Transform
  • Sine and Cosine Transforms
  • The Walsh Transform
  • The Hilbert Transform
  • Two-Dimensional Convolution

Section 7 – Joint Time-Frequency Analysis

  • The Short-Time Fourier Transform
  • Time-Frequency Representations and Local Autocorrelation
  • The Discrete Wavelet Transform



The Mathcad Signal Processing Extension Pack is now part of the Mathcad core product, available here.

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