Mathcad Integration – Integrate data across software and systems

Mathcad features interoperability and connectivity with many popular desktop and engineering applications, including:

  • Microsoft Office, Excel, Visio and other Office products
  • SmartSketch
  • VisSim
  • ODBC-compliant databases including Microsoft Access and FoxPro

The formal bi-directional integration between Mathcad and Pro/ENGINEER enables unique predictive engineering capabilities. Mathcad can be used to predict the behaviour of designs and subsequently drive the key parameters and dimensions used in Pro/ENGINEER CAD models.

Binary read/write support for uniform, arbitrary, homogenous binary format files gives users the flexibility of directly importing or exporting detailed and compact data sets. File I/O components support mixed-format data, including strings, exponential notation, complex numbers, and real numbers, to ensure data integrity when passing mixed data types. File Input and Output also allow in-place control over rows and columns, allowing file headers and footers to be left in the original data without interfering with import.

What do our Customers say about us?

At 13-years old, my daughter’s research manuscript has been accepted for publication in a top tier peer-reviewed Environmental Science journal and OriginPro 8.6 will allow her to export the graphs in a wide variety of formats which can meet any publisher’s requirements. Kudos to OriginLab for designing innovative and intuitive software that can span the needs of both a burgeoning young scientist like my daughter to a PhD expert in their field. It is hard to imagine that other products offer this extraordinary level of user versatility.

Michael Grimmett, MD, FACP, FACS Ophthalmologist Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Very enthusiastic, willing to answer questions, helpful, friendly – overall very good

I can only say I wish all suppliers were as helpful as you.

CP, Newport, UK

The Origin software has excellent statistics and is VERY user friendly.

Habibeh Khoshbouei, Pharm. D., Ph.D., Meharry Medical College

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